Fighting Game Characters you Hate fighting against!

Ok I know many of you can’t stand facing certain characters many fighting games because of the CPU, annoyance, Top Tiers, advantage over your character, scrubbyness, ect.

Here are some characters I hate facing against

Venom - Can’t stand all those projectiles all over the place taking a ton of damage
Sol - any player that whores his FRC Flame, and I faced a ton of them!
Potemkim - For some reason all my attacks go through him and he gets me with an easy grab in the ground or in the air, both human and CPU players.
Millia/Chipp - Nothing wrong with their speed attacks and combos, its their fast triangle jumps I hate!

Blanka - I can stand facing Sagat, but I hate facing Blanka, he dominates air attacks!

Chun Li, Ken, Yun - Do I really have to explain why they are annoying to fight against!

Soul Calibur
Kilik - Every time I face scrubs, they button mash with Kilik and I end up loosing against them:annoy:

Final Boss - He is boring to fight against, so I end up leaving the machine when I face him!

Melty Blood
White Len - they made her mirage attacks and ice attacks too powerful and annoying, its hard to get near her!

Goro - I don’t mind Duolon players, but Goro annoys the hell out of me with his easy as hell counter super and how broken the grab attacks were in the arcade version of 2k3!

Goenitz - his CPU version annoys the hell out of me with rapid lighting attacks!!

Gato - He is WAY TOO OVERPOWERED, he dominates over any character and its funny that some other characters anti-supers can be stopped but his is invincible!

KOF in General
Iori - annoying as hell, I’m glad he got weakened over the next installments!
Clark - fast character with fast grabs:arazz:

Boss Mizuchi - see SvC Goenitz and see why I hate Mizuchi as well!

Tekken Tag
Jin - Everybody whores his DP and he was powerful, everytime someone picks Mokujin they had to have Jin with them to win, GOD I hate him!!
Eddy Gordo - I love facing good players, but I can’t stand facing scubs who think they are good by button mashing kicks even though I can beat Eddy scrubs easily.

Tekken 5
Feng, Asuka, Raven, Lei Wulong - for some reason I can’t hit these characters very good possibly because in their fight stances they lean more back with their arms extended more forward, and a majority of their attacks makes them sway back then attack:arazz:

Sissy - way too hard!

Post which characters you hate facing against?

Hey! I shortened your post for you, free of charge, Champ.


SF2 & 3: Ryu, Ken, Akuma

I only hate playing against people who complain my character is cheap/overpowered.

Who do you use?

Paul- I can’t block d+4 on reaction. Phantom Death Fists own me, the fear of getting random DFed makes me too conservative.

Eddy/XT- Mid crushes and confusing animations.

Any game

Rock/Guy- They have a string that can overwhelm your guard, gives them full meter on block/hit, if you KnJ it then they end up far away so it’s hard to follow up, if you do manage to follow up then they have enough meter to KnJ behind you to do the string all over again, if the string ends with you in the corner then they can do it again or super, if you do an autoguard then it has a high chance of beating it out before your attack can hit, AND if they knock you down they can charge up a MEATY GUARDBREAKING AUTOGUARD ATTACK THAT CHAINS INTO THE AFOREMENTIONED STRING. And if they get knocked down, they can beat your meaty by opening a gate.

Itachi- Jump Clone.

Tekken- Steve and any Mishima

SC3- Sophitia & Xianghua

KOF06- Soiree

baiken(but really everyone in ggxx is annoying)

This is possibly a sign that you suck.

Cable. (especailly when using cable) It’s just fucking boring and difficult.

Sentinel. Same.

Soul Calibur 2:


can’t really think of anyone else.

computer - not fun

cvs2-Sagat, and anyone who is fast, vega, nako, they make my haoh sad :frowning:
alpha2- zangief
3s -Yun

A2 - Rolento (glitch CC makes me want to scream)
3S - Makoto
CvS2 - Iori
GG - May
MB - Satsuki
IaMP - Suika
Monster - Delga
BBB - Ren/Kendo

I don’t play ArcanaHeart but I guarantee you I would absolutely LOATHE fighting Kira, Lilica, and Kamui. I just know Kira would be on my top most hated list, I just know…

Incidentally, these are all the characters that I can’t play as either. It sucks hating to fight against them and also not being able to play AS them either.

3S- Akuma: Even though I play Akuma myself, I also play with Dudley and Urien. And Akuma is just a bitch to fight when using them.

MvC2- Low tiers: No fucking challenge

CvS2- Anyone using a groove with Safe Fall. My main character is Morrigan and it kinda sucks when your opponent can just roll away from your cross-ups.

ST- Zangief: well technically I just hate fighting the CPU version of Zangief because he SPD’s you out of everything.

Tekken- The bears and their retarded hit boxes.

MvC2: Classic runaway Storm types. Some Sentinels depending on their assist type.

3S: Turtle style Chun-li’s.

3S: I hate Gemini Yuns, akumas, hardcore grappling makotos.
CvS2: Blanka, Sakura (custom combo groove)
GG: Sol Badguy
Young Geese.

Actually, you’d hate fighting Konoha more than any of them. She has such a small hitbox, it rivals Cammy’s(CvS2) easily. Like, you’ll want to punch something hard. Kamui would be second on that list. As for Lilica: You’d love fighting against her. To me, those matches are fun because it’s an earned victory. Nailing her loop is something you work for. A high level Lilica is just too fun.

As for my most hated characters:


And from GGXX AC:

Eddie(who knew, right?)

Nah, take a look at the other characters I have listed and you might see a couple patterns.

(hint: I hate grapplers and super noisy/obnoxious bitches, which is why I hate May and Satsuki so much, because they fit both)

Then again you might as well add Konoha and Mei-Feng to the list anyway. I hope I never have a moment of weakness and end up having the displeasure of fighting any of them.

i hate mirror matches cause chances are the other guy is better than me and makes me feel bad if he knows more about the ins and outs of that character than me.

oh ya i dont like fighting konoha in arcana but thats about it

but i might as well add “small characters” to my list since i hate fighting them in any fighting game