Fighting game community member interviewed on front page GGL go to featured stories or use this direct link

I’m looking forward to interviews giving members of the fighting game community a voice in large leagues. It’s taken a while to get this rolling but it’s moving in the right direction. I’ll try to get more done as soon as possible.


Also please register on the site and spam up the comments section to show this scene is as active as the FPS/RTS junkies who will be reading it.

awww. Great interview!

Very nice. Do you have any plans on interviewing some 2d fighter players any time soon?

Which one is Jinmaster, the one in the red cap or white cap? Great interview by the way :wgrin:

Of course, I’ve been talking to a couple about it already. We interview people from all over the FPS/RTS world, even the MMO world, as well as community leaders (like the head of CPL), and media figures.

This is the first step in trying to push the fighting community along side the rest of those people.

White cap.

Nice interview.Crispy,lol:smokin:

Nice. Tekken is the main fighter that I play. I learned a lot of Nina shit off the TZ forums.

Great job, I look foward to more interviews!

Anyone that uses the word “n00b” while being interviewed must be shot. Seriously, this guy sounds like a jackass with some of his responses.

Jackass sounds about correct.

top tier

nice interview. try interviewing some players on the west coast.

It would be awesome if you interviewed Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz or some FFA players like Pyro.

I second this, these guys are great players, and if also, you should try interviewing other guys as well, like Alex Valle, Mike Watson, and John Choi, those guys are definetly worth mentioning and interviewing as well.

Justin Wong should be at x3o’s tournament in MD this weekend. If that pans out I plan on getting a video interview and one like is on the site now.

Great interview.

About a week or two back I saw a video, made by him, where he talked trash and stole a kids cell phone. It was hilarious.

Does anyone have a link for that? Cause I’d love to watch it again lol.