Fighting Game exercise machine Concept

Here’s a concept I’m playing with and wanted to see if anyone had some ideas. I plan on researching Wing Chun wooden dummies for some ideas on pad placement.

I think it’s fairly self explanatory I plan on making the standing pad much larger and rectangle than a DDR style pad and make the directionals accommodate proper martial art horse stances.

To get it to playable level with all games I will probably script some of the inputs but nothing to over kill.

you mean this?


actually its somewhat intresting, and best of luck to the project

or this - I loved this when it was in my arcade… :frowning:

I was actually thinking about getting a stationary bike and build a table on it for my TE so I can exercise and play at the same time. I saw this today:

I been doing tredmil and gaming for awhile it worked great for me, I did Wii-Punch out and tredmil and it was a blast but my undefeated streaks is 800 or so and the game is so stale I can barely get through my hour from the boredom and I’m starting to gain weight again.

My goal was to get fighting games going and I’ll never be without exercise amusement again. A bike is a great idea, I have a hitbox I use on my tredmil… It works okay but Stick wasn’t a option. The Bike should be a lot more stable than running but any jittering can really throw off your inputs.

I’d just jump ahead to Kinect… But I’m a big fan of tactile response and I think it will function a lot better. I’ll be using the same software for the scripting. I’ll be less concerned about emulating the movement than he is. My focus will be scripting some BnB per character based on some actual physical drills and solid movement.


I’d like to see that connected to MvC2. Give new meaning to the term “reps” when it comes to infinites.