Fighting Game Feuds?


I’m about to make a video comparing fighting games and the community that plays them to professional wrestling. What’s the best part of pro wrestling? Great feuds. So, can you guys name me some rivalries in the fighting game community? Like Ross vs Jago, or Valle vs Daigo, or Wolfkrone vs Japan. Thanks fellas. :slight_smile:


Dark Prince vs West Coast.


Nothing is as good as actual Pro Wrestling. Those are staged dramas with trained performers. Outside of DP nothing in fighting games really compares. wtf is wolfkrone vs japan?


You can’t really deny that they do share some similarities. You got your faces, you got your heels. You even have promos from time to time. The right combination of players can have a great series of matches. Daigo and Valle have great matches just like Orton and Christian had a series of great matches last year.

Also, think of Canada Cup as a traditional Survivor Series match. Krone took Japan’s best players to the limit, and it was awesome.


EC v Fanatiq (MvC2) and maybe sort of Neo…wouldve been dope to see him ft15 jwo


Ya I like watching SF, but a buncha loud nerds yelling at eachother over SF doesn’t really have the same appeal as



Justin Wong vs. Parry System



I almost thought you said Parry Saturn.


Neo vs Clockwork MVC2 days


Yeah, that def seems like a popular one.


And what’s the best part of fighting games? F-ING PLAYING THEM YOURSELF rather than watch others…

This may sound harsh but if the game itself is fun enough, you should not be needing all that silly drama of JustinThis&DaigoThat to keep yourself interested.
So I think it says something when the who beats who gets more attention than the tactics and methods they used.
This is stream monster mentality. This is the way of thought of people who may technically play the game, but are more “viewers” than they are “players”.


Honestly, as much as I personally like the FG community drama, it is a pretty big part in what is keeping streams and what not somewhat popular. Everyone loves it when someone gets called out or their is beef between certain people. Stream monsters thrive for it and well they are a big part of the community. Like everyone loved the whole recent Jago at bar fights incident where is called out Mike Ross, 5-0d him, then refused to play Combofiend. Gootecks gets salty and now everyone is waiting to hear a response.

The actual gameplay doesnt even really get talked about in stream chats anymore… all people care about is who beat who and who said what to who after beating them and so forth. As much as some of us may dislike it it is here to stay.


The Rock is all like

to your post.

You can’t deny that it adds that extra flavor of intensity if the players have a history. I like playing the game, yeah, but sometimes I don’t want to play. Watching the game at a higher level than I can imagine with commentary and hype in the background is more satisfying to me. I get my kicks in a different way than you sometime. What’s so bad about that?

Trust me, I wish I lived close to good competition, maybe then I can stop being the huge blister on the ass of your precious, untaintable fighting games.


For me it’s bad when it affects the games.
For example Xfactor= exciting for the viewer but stupid for the player.

Yup, that’s why so many players are going elsewhere.


Honestly, that shit is stupid for the viewer as well. It’s more of a “Oh boy. Here we go again” kind of feeling when someone pops Lv.3 xfactor.


Josh Wigfall vs. Dark Prince - You got a pretty smile, BITCH
Justin vs. Daigo - There was another match where Justin tried that shit in CvS2 and the super got JD’d, wasn’t there?
Duc vs. Sanford Kelly - First BIG money match, IIRC…
Sanford vs. WC5
Magnetro vs. Mike Z - not really a rivalry, but their matches were great.
Dark Prince vs. Clockwork - I think this is the match that got Clockwork back on the scene… lol


Toan vs. Fanatiq - 50k MM


Bob Sapp Vs Japan


Only feud that comes to my mind is…

Capcom fighting games vs. Everything else


that wasnt really a feud, more like neo kept “calling out” clockwork til he said yes to a MM.

Sanford Kelly v Neo was good “This is MY fucking team” XD
SmoothViper vs CableGuy 06-07 EVO MMs