Fighting game fundamentals?

Hello, I’m completely new to fighting games.

I’ve been told that it’s best to pick up Ryu to learn the fighting game fundamentals before moving to another character, but I was wondering if there were enough differences between Ryu and Akuma make Ryu a better “starter” character. I’d sorta rather play Akuma because I like him a little more, but I’d be completely fine and content using Ryu if it will benefit me in the long run.

In my opinion you should try out characters that speak to your liking. Model as well as playstyle.
I started out with akuma 2.5 years ago and I still play him to this day.
I had a rough patch but still I learned the game through him.

Best things to start out on is listening to juicy bits and read majs footsiehandbook.

sorry to sound like a noob, but what is juicy bits? i found maj’s footsie thread a while back, but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. i’ll read it once i get my hands on the game and a stick.

“Juicy bits” isn’t any specific thing. It’s more about reading through the character specific threads and picking up specific tips like “Use X Normal against Y character’s jump ins for a clean anti-air”, that sort of thing.

Juicy Bits is Juicebox’s podcast, he’s a really decent high level Abel/Juri with some good insightful knowledge. Link: (you may need to create an account at BLG to view them downloads)
And just because people say Ryu is the easiest to use doesn’t mean you should pick him. If anything, unless you TRULY want to learn Ryu there is no reason to play him. If you spend a few months learning Ryu to understand the game and then go to the character of your choosing, you could have just spent those few months on the character you wanted to play and you’d be that much better with that character.

Also on character selection, theres 39 total characters, choose someone who looks cool…don’t feel forced into the same cookie cutter shoto model that’s used for 25% of the characters in this game :slight_smile:

Really? Well disregard my previous post then, I’m an idiot.


yeah, i actually sorta know him… i’m in arizona and i used to know him through smash bros
raises flame shield

Reason why people suggest using Ryu instead of Akuma in the beginning is mainly because Ryu has a lot more health and stun rate than Akuma does, as a beginner it can be really frustrating to see your health down to 50% for 1 mistake.

Also, they’re both shotos and have a lot of similar stuff, so once you understand how to play with Ryu it’ll be easier for you to pick up Akuma then.

With that being said, I picked up Akuma as my first character since Vanilla, this was the first fighting game that I wanted to play pretty seriously so it was tough at the beginning (hell it’s still tough now lol, there’s so much to learn with Akuma), but it feels damn good when you start winning with the demon.


Nah, I’m not a little bitch. :wink:

I can deal with getting punished hard for mistakes. Akuma (over Ryu) it is, then. Thanks, guys.

Pick who you like and stick with them. Akuma is a great and although you might find it hard with him at times…you’ll start to enjoy him a lot. The low health of his you forget about after a bit. Often I forget Akuma has 800/850 health or w/e it is, doesn’t make a difference really. There’s no reason you should take damage with Akuma.

if you need fundamentals head to here

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i decided on ryu as a starter character because i asked juicebox about it and he gave a pretty convincing response as to why i should use ryu