Fighting game haiku

Inspired by the fighting game limericks thread.

If you don’t know, a haiku is a form of Japanese poetry with 3 lines. The first and last both contain 5 syllables, and the middle one contains 7.

I’ll start you off:

Jab jab rocket punch
Sentinel is flying fast
Rush that shit down bitch

I do a safe poke
What the fuck is this bullshit

crouch hard punch tackle
aegis reflector crouch fierce
tackle tackle fierce

q tactics for pros
taunt taunt taunt taunt taunt taunt taunt
capture deadly blow

That is a special?
You build meter like nothing!
This game is broken!

How did you do that?
Down forward downforward punch?
Shoryuken! Yes!

Am I missing something?
Isn’t umeshoryu 4? u-me-sho-ryu?
Isnt shoryuken! Yes! 4 too? sho-ryu-ken yes?
is it the ryu? you guys taking it as ri-yu? i believe its a composite syllable

unless you guys are being lenient on the 5-7-5 “rule”…

it’s pronounced as one syllable in japanese i guess but i always pronounced it sho-ry-u-ken

p.s. i knew someone would mention this

He blossoms forward
Sticks to the wall and gets shot
Strider’s life is short

Habroken! I thought Shoryuken was 4 syllables by itself. INDEED.

If its a ‘composite syllable’ then…QUICK FIX!

How did you do that?
Down forward downforward punch?
“I just learned something!”

That last line is dedicated to you…and the ‘composite syllable.’ Indeed!

LOL :rofl:

don’t mess with Ryad
you must stay away from him
he knows everything

Funny you should mention that, it’s shoryuken = sho-u-ryu-u-ke-n 6 syllables according to a Japanese haiku actually :stuck_out_tongue:

I posted this one way back:

Tiger Uppercut
Shinku Hadouken

Low short short Psylocke
Double snap untill they crack
CapCom wont be back

you call wrong assist
I AHVB that shit
Back to the mall, scrub

Rings and Rocks rape face
No choice but to take it all
Just ask Dark Prince yo~

From The Tick vs. Reno, Nevada:

“You call that a haiku? YOU’RE JUST COUNTING SYLLABLES!!!”