Fighting Game Layout for 3DS


There’s a lot of fighting games coming out for Nintendo’s new 3DS. There’s Street Fighter 4, Dead Or Alive, BlazBlue, and Smash Bros. Maybe they’re looking to make up for the lack of them on the standard DS. But that’s not the point of this. While most hardcore players prefer a stick for most games, fighting games have no huge issues with being played on a D-Pad, especially one of Nintendo’s really nice ones. The issue is the button layout for a full 6 button game like Street Fighter. Now I know the games been out, I know you can use L and R as the heavys, and I know you can hotkey certain commands to the touchscreen. But I’ve had this concept, and I think it would work well for a DS fighting game, and wanted your opinion.
Essentially, the 6 buttons would be layed out strait on the touchscreen, with the three punches on top, and the three kicks on botttom. In between each of the two buttons would be a small dot, and there would be gray lines connecting them in the background. To perform a simple move, like a fireball, you would perform the command on the dpad and tapping punch. To perform an EX move, you would perform the command on the dpad and touch punch, drag it to heavy punch, and take your finger off. Grabs? Drag from light punch/kick to light kick/punch and release. Moves that can be delayed or need to be held, like focus attacks, would work similar. They would just have you drag across the buttons, and once you touch the last button, you can hold and release when you need too. Ultras would have you just drag across all three buttons, in the same manner as before.
What is your opinion on this layout? Do you think it would work for SF4, or what problems would it have?


Fucks up timing.


In SF I just replace the throw macro on the touchscreen with heavy punch. Works well enough.


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I’m definitely having a problem with games that just use the touch screen as another button. I figure it’d be much worse if ALL the buttons were on the touch screen.
It’d be much better to use a control scheme like SFIV on the Iphone does. I mean, you got the four buttons right there, and since you’re playing on a handheld, chances are you’re not looking for that deep, rich arcade experience you can get with a six button arcade stick.


Can anyone please tell me any source to get Street Fighter 4 @ discount price.


not that many used copies are out yet, an even so it’s at least 30 bucks.


ok! thnx for this info but any source to get it from!