Fighting game league formation thingeh


I will keep this short and sweet for everyone. I live in Kentucky and I am a rabid fan of fighting games. I have been wanting to set up some kind of tournament league in the area, and today I have talked to the manager at our local Game Stop about setting something like that out. So far the closest area around here that has something like that is in Arkansas so from where I am at that is a hell of a drive. Ive been trying to dig around to find information about the proper way of setting up the league as well as ways to try and get it sanctioned and all that good stuff. If anyone out there on the interwebs has any kind of suggestions, and or links to share with me on the proper way to set something up like this please let me know. Any information would be useful.


There’s plenty of us around Ky that are willing to do gatherings. Hit up the matchmaking forum here.

Also. There’s a facebook group where most KY players can connect.


Thanks for the link I will look into this.