Fighting Game Limericks

Limericks are a kind of humorous verse of five lines. The first, second, and fifth lines rhyme with each other. The third and fourth lines are shorter and also rhyme with each other. To make a limerick sound right the emphasis should fall on the same syllable in the sentence, and each set of sentences should have the same number of syllables. Emphasis usually falls on the subject, noun, or verb of the sentence.

Generally, the first, second, and fifth lines are more than five syllables long, and the third and fourth lines are about five syllables long. But these aren’t really “rules” set in stone, they are just there to make it sound right when you read it.


Fighting game girls are funny.
Rosy red cheeks and sunny.
Chun-Li is a bitch,
I-No is a witch.
Treacherous wins for money.

In this example if you were to replace “treacherous” with “stealing your” it would sound weird because emphasis would be on the noun “stealing” but the previous lines had adjectives in that spot with no emphasis. Therefor emphasis would fall on a different syllable in the last line than in the first and second lines. But again, these aren’t really “Rules” so much as they are there just to make it sound better when read.


Things could get weird for the cad.
Sol had to tell the young lad,
“Not to be rude,
Bridget’s a dude”.
Fate really hurt Johnny bad.

Anyone else got some limericks to share? :bgrin:

'Sim picked a fight by the boat
and took a DP to the scrote.
His opponent got smart
and brashly hit “start.”
“Kakate kina” was his quote.

That was cheesy as fuck, but it is hard to write limericks about fighting games.

Rushdown is the key.
To own your ass for free.
so dont bitch
just make that switch
To the scrubby ass chun li

i dunno this sucks but im bored

That isn’t too bad. You can fix it up pretty easily.

Rushing you down is key.
Owning your ass for free.
But don’t you bitch,
Just make that switch
To scrubby ass Chun-li

Still kind of rough, but you get the idea. :smiley:

FAIL, awkward random thread, FAIL!!!:sad: :confused: :lovin: :wgrin: :angel: :rolleyes: :looney: :wink: :arazz: :rofl: :lol: :sweat: :wasted: :annoy:


Choosing Cable is the key
to getting an O.C.V.
so only assist
if you really insist
on eating AHVB times three.

Sentinel is the best
Giant robots always rise to the test
No emotion, sense or humor or jest
Pwning your ass in 30 seconds or less

Yeah thats the best i have :sweat:

Wow that was pretty good.


I cant get the hang of Makoto
All her shit is just screwing up my mojo
Each time I choke
Any big freakin’ bloke
I screw up the end of my combo

Psuedo rhyme there at the end.

True story, too. I give up on Makoto!

I loled at that, another good one! :rofl:

I’ve been trying to come up with another, never was good at stringing stuff together in creative, rhyming fashion.

I’m glad that these graphics aren’t vector,
But I’m sick to death of fighting Sektor.
Oh what a gas,
to have missiles up my ass,
its even worse than that Aegis Reflector.


I’m trying to think of one Hnk related, but no luck so far :sweat:

Edit: wow i just repped you, from 1 red to 2 green bars. That is a first for me.

Two green bars? I’ve been here sinse they put this site up. Sheesh!

I hate fighting Strider with Doom
I needs me some breathing room
Oroboros in my face
oh im such a disgrace
you could mop my corpse up with a broom.

Well you had one red bar before i repped you. Now you have two green, pretty good for just a single rep.

Nice. Still a lot better than anything i could come up with.

Haha, good stuff there Keits.

He is just simply the man
Revenge for his dad is the plan
Saikyo is his style
To sing will rage Guile
No-one is greater than Dan

There once was an asshole named Vega.
I played against him on my Sega.
The AI was totally broke,
so I dipped the controller in Coke.
Now it sucks worse than Lou Bega.

The last line could’ve been: The haters are just in denial.

Third strike is not for me
Everyone beats me for free
They all pick Ken
What happens then?
A parry into SAIII

In the hall playing hookie,
tip toes Ken for a lookie.
Went to sneak
for a peek.
But got caught by Ibuki

Last line should rhyme with the first and second lines.

The structure should look like:

Lines marked “A” rhyme with the other lines marked “A” and are the same length. Lines marked “B” rhyme with the other lines marked “B” and are shorter than the “A” lines. Check first post or wikipedia link in first post for more details.


Keits, you win the thread. Awesome stuff, but the best by far was the cable one. :lol:

Oh, and +rep.

I hate fighting A-groove dictator
because I’m a vindictive hater.
I pay 25 cents
So he’ll paint my fence
now, again, and maybe later.

There once was a man named Sagat
who constantly threw Tiger shots.
I got really pissed.
That cunt never missed.
When I told him to stop, he would not.

Balrog rushed down all my shit.
None of my counters would hit.
I got really mean
and kicked the machine,
then stormed out while shouting, “I quit.”

These are pretty much all about me getting my ass beat by top tiers. Eh, whatev.