Fighting game lingo you find annoying


As streams get more popular it seems as if players have become more robotic in their vocabulary and just seem to copy one another. So what key words, phrases, or memes do you find particularly annoying and wish would just disappear?

Personally atm the term fraud or fraudulent has been getting used way more than a cheap hookers snatch. Not only is it annoying, but I dont even know what fraudulent is anymore because it seems anything and everything is considered this by everyone.

The 8.95 meme was funny for the hour it started, then it just became stupid as shit.

I use to hate the term MAHVEL when MvC3 first came out but that one has since died down a bit (since people have realized MvC3 does not classify as Mahvel).

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All non explanatory, technical, or taken from the game lingo.


Real talk, I always thought the term ‘footsies’ sounded gay as shit.

I don’t know how regular SF tournament attendees can go around saying it with a straight face.


I hate the term ‘Happy Birthday’.

I know getting 2 characters at once in Marvel 3 is death, but damn, can we think of a better name than ‘Happy Birthday’?
Shit is gay.


Real Talk. <-- That term is fucking stupid.


Technology. It’s such a lazy way of describing what a character can do. And it grinds my gears.

  • Lamed out/Lame it out: Why is it lame to play a keep away game?

  • Broken: People forgot what this word means or don’t know its meaning.

  • Deal With It: This one annoys me because we say this to everyone who cries about stuff, then when developers cater to them, they throw it right back at us. Hypocrisy much.

  • Rare footage of Daigo doing something.

  • Free/Stay Free: Don’t know why a lot of people use this; I doubt most of these ppl could win a MM against any of these players and you can’t do money matches over XBL/PSN.

  • Random: Another word people don’t know the meaning of.


All the shit that isn’t actually fighting game jargon but just EC slang that all the fuckin dorky stream watching white boys have repeated ad nausea.


“In the Lab” - I know it has its origins outside of the FGC, I guess, but it still sounds lame as hell. Same for “technology”.

Floeface is the best thing ever, though.


I should have added this in my original post as I want to pull out my hair when I hear a lot of stream commentators talk about new techonlogy… especially in the mvc3 world…

In the MvC3 world apparently using a different assist for your teleport mix up or using a different assist to extend an OTG combo is considered technology. Blows my mind.


Someone mention iPort and iHits?




I love Commentator Steve and all, but he has like 3 names for EVERY MOVE IN UMVC3.

It is bonkers.


I find the use of the term “technology” to be incredibly annoying. Technically it is being used in the right sense in terms of the dictionary definition, but it just sounds weird when its not being applied in a non-engineering sense. Its not like you created new software, you’ve only discovered how to take advantage of the currently existing one.

I think “run-back” is also annoying because this isn’t a football game. What’s next? When it’s the final round, is someone going to say: its fourth down, here comes the hail mary ultra for the win! omg!

EDIT. Turns out run back is already accepted urban slang.


Scrub - because almost no one uses it right.


Random - Way to explain EVERYTHING the commentators don’t know about (which is pretty frequently if girls or top players aren’t commentating).

“Mix Up” - James Chen: “Uhh! Nice mixup!.” (Player just called an assist and teleported)

Fuck ___ - Any top tier character. Becoming a trend now.

Godlike: I’ve used it before, and I regret it hard.


yomi, oki, vortex, happy birthday, run-it back (I know this isn’t from fighting games but its still fucking dumb), salty


“Vortex” kills me.


Vortex and technology for me. Especially vortex, goddamn that shit is stupid and annoying.


I don’t like when people talk at all during a match, it’s distracting and disrespectful. It should be more like tennis where you can politely cheer, but only after the point (round in this case) has concluded.