Fighting game mastery


Damnit!!! Damnit!!! why is there so many damn fighting games out??? Some people say there isnt enough but for me there are too damn many…Im a hardcore fighting fan but there are so many that im fairly decent at some but wanna excel to mastery…For example…Cvs2 and 3rd strike i need to step up my game in…but then there is Guilty Gear…then i still have to import KoF11 and NGBC. Just gotta 360 and wanna get good at DOA4 and SFHF. Soul Caliber and Tekken i need to brush up on as well…Then i have some friends that play oldies like SFex3, SF anthology, and KOF maxium impact so i wanna compete with them so i try to practice in those as well…Then tourneys come around in games that maybe i didnt focus as much in then i dont get far in brackets!!! There is 2 sides of me…the side that works, goes out for drinks, hang out wit non players and talk to ladies and then there is the hardcore gaming side…and i dont even wanna mention playin other games like wow, halo2, and some rpgs!!! What the hell is a gamer suppose to do???


It depends…I play almost everything and try to learn it to a high level…and start with fighters…

My goal is to be a great overall gamer…so I juggle playing all these games too…

And excel in fighters…sure I’m behind…but I’m always behind…

And I always try to stay ontop of everything…so you’ve got to understand what is mastery??

Because unless the game is like 7+ years old like the CAPcom games…mastery for any game is hard to achieve because there is always something new to discover…

I am the hardcore gamer side…and I try to balance with the fun talking to ladies side…

But the games win 95% of the time…and its probably evident in how many threads I post stuff in…


spend more time playing and less time posting

please spend less time posting


Pick a few games and specialize in them, play others as side games.

At the moment I’m playing GGXX Slash and Melty Blood: Act Cadenza as my main games, but I play a TON of games on the side that I’m nowhere near as good at.

Also, you could try dividing your play time with each game a little. Try practicing a different game each day or something? I dunno if it works, but it’s just a suggestion.


Dude I do what I want…all you gotta do is spend more time ignoring…got it??

Good…Try it…it works…


Thanks kayin…for adding another damn game to the list!!! i never heard of melty blood but damn if im not gonna try it!!!


If we meet on Friday I can hook you up with a copy.


hell yeah!!! we will meet up…i have a friend that plays as well so he will tag too…


I’m pretty sure this guy is a master.



lol that guy is a fucking tool.