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I know most people on this board probably don’t play these old irrelevant fighters but I started to make some vids for people who are in the stage of developing fighting game fundamentals. So I am trying to show examples of things that happen which are the product of different skills that can be adapted to any fighting game like anticipation and mixing up and educated guessing ( I overly use that word ) etc.

Theses are not fancily edited vids because I have no editing skills, but I would like people to tell me what they think of the content, be honest, if it’s total bullcrap then tell me it is ( give a reason to ) or if what I say don’t make sense etc. Suggestions too would be cool.

These are geared to help newer players, maybe intermediate, to help understand some of the mind game in fighters in general.

If these are even a bit useful then I will post more ( I got some for ST and maybe kof98 ) point is one can apply these skills in any fighting game, just gotta know the game enough to do so.

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Everyone still plays Third Strike. Playing it now in fact :slight_smile:


The only reason I’m not playing Third Strike is that I don’t own any of the systems it’s on and they haven’t released it for PC yet.


You can play 3rd strike on pc. You must download ggpo and get the roms. You are better off playing on ggpo anyways, better players.

check out the setting up ggpo section. Not sure if it’s out of date though.



First, I love your Sean man…

Second, I might suggest putting those videos here:


GGPO ST is pretty fun.