Fighting Game Movies

Only fighting game movies i’ve seen are

Street Fighter 2; The animated movie
Street Fighter Alpha Movie
Street Fighter Alpha Generations

Fatal Fury
Parts and clips of Fatal Fury 2 [Found it on Youtube but audio kept going out]
Fatal Fury 3

i thought these were good. though Kim only makes a short appearance in Fatal Fury 2 and 3, which i thought was lame… >> Kim is cool. Right up there with Terry and Elena and Joe

Well then what movies have you seen? were they good? any other Capcom/SNK anime movies i should know about?

SF2 Animated Movie was well done. Good animation and awesome fighting scenes that stayed true to the game. Manga Video just recently came out with an uncut version that has the Japanese voice track.

I heard that Alpha was only so-so and that Alpha Generations was horrible. Anyone that has seen it can concur or disagree?

they were… interesting… crappy but the animation style for alpha was kinda cool, and it was cool seeing some alpha charas in the movie. but it had NOTHING to do with the game

and alpha generations… it was cool to see akuma demon rage his teacher

Yeah, they all suck.

Aye em goenk to keek M. Baizon’s ess so hort…

IMO, the original SF2 Animated Movie and Fatal Fury 2 are the best fighting game animes ever made. Fatal Fury 3 has nice animation and an interesting story and the dude catching a bullet in the opening scene is awesome but why invent generic anime characters instead of using game characters? Krauser in FF2 was way more interesting than that random kid in FF3.

If you haven’t seen SF2 Victory it’s a series of almost 30 episodes shown on TV in Japan. It’s pretty ghetto and some of the stuff in there was improvised before it showed up in the games. For example their interpretation of Charlie is waaaaay off because SFA hadn’t been made yet. But the fight scenes are really well done. If someone took those 30 episodes and made a 15-minute video of all the fight scenes, everyone would think it’s the best thing since the original SF2 anime. But the series moves too slowly and recycles way too much animation to be good in its entirety.

I hated the series… i thought it was really really bad

Mortal Kombat!!!

I’m waiting for a SF3 animated movie. Probably wont happen, but I’d even settle for an extremely crappy live-action movie to make fun of for the next 30 years or so, but thats even more unlikely.

i’d love to see a SF3 animated movie. see alex stomp gill’s cheap ressurecting ass

There’s also the Art of Fighting Movie, and the Samurai Shodown Movie.

Not to mention the Virtua Fighter Series.

I think the worst one of them all, even surpassing SFAG, is the Tekken movie.

I like SFA Generations…but I expected more.

Well … the AOF and SS movie really suck … But the SS OVA is quite interesting with some good fight scenes, like Genjuros in the beginning, but still nothing to interesting. The Battle Arena Toshinden movie is also bad …, not good animation, lame fights and uneccesery chars with very small apperances.

the tekken movie was horrid…

fatal fury 2 was good

the other fatal’s were good to show mai’s tits EVERY TWO MINUTES…

SF2:AM was good…

alpha was horribly boring
alpha generations… no comment.

You never seen Mortal Kombat?

when i was like 6 >.< i dont remember it at all… i’m gonna get it later and watch

Mortal Kombat, the first one, is awesome. Especially if you were a kid at the time.

holy crap i’m retarded XD i’m thinking of an animated mortal kombat movie…

yes the live action Mortal Kombat kicked every live action video game based movie’s ASS

i first saw that with my dad at the movie theater when i was aroun 5 or 7 i dont remember

I juss saw that the other day on tv… I saw annihilation twice in theaters! It’s sad Mortal Kombat isn’t as hot as it used to be! Soul Caliber and DOA should be better though. I hope they don’t drop the ball on DOA especially!

MK was ok. But the 3-D lookin sequences were too much of a gimmick. Overall it was an average approach the live one is much better

SF2 is great the alpha ones sucked

Night Warriors was excellent

FF series was all good, each one.

KOF woulda been better if they were longer and had much more story and char. development

Samurai Shodown sucked and u know why. It didnt fuckin have Ukyo I mean WTF!!!

SS movie with no Ukyo is not an SS movie

also: is there an exact name for the KOF movie? i wanna torrent it [also if some one sent me a link to torrent it that would be nice]

The kof mini episodes were pretty dope.