Fighting Game Movies

Eh, not many people liked it, but I did like the Tekken Anime, though the dinosaur sub plot was a major WTF for me.

Also the SF2 anime was great still my favorite fg adaption even more than tekken, along with the MK live action movie. Anyone still remember that MK video anime? Not the series, but that one shot story with the baraka assault at the end? I think that’s the one Cam’s talking about. The one with Goro’s brother in it? <_<

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Mortal Kombat was alright…I own the DVD for it, as well as the soundtrack. I’m sure you’ve guys heard about the sequel:

The Street Fighter animated movie, IMO, was good. Alpha was crap, though.

fatal fury didn’t need to show mai’s tits every two minutes.

um yes it did. Sides that’s what racked in the do for them.

I saw Sf2 animated movie, sf alpha, and sf generations.

Sf2 animated movie was good. Plotline was kind of pointless, but the fighting was well done. Some of the plotlines felt forced. Seems like they just wanted to get all 16 characters of the SF2 franchise into the movie even if it detracted from the story.

SF alpha was bad. The characters seemed to… float in the fight scenes. This isn’t Dragon Ball. Story was boring as well.

SF generations was horrid. I can’t find one good thing to say about this movie. It literally sucked the fart out of my ass.

Also saw the SF2 V animated series. It was a TV series and not a movie. I thought it was an interesting take on the SF universe. Pretty good story. A lot of the fighting animations were recycled though. I really enjoyed the first fight between Guile and Ryu. Nice to see Ryu lose one.

I also saw the 3 Fatal Fury films.

The first one was rather short. Like 45 mins I think. I didn’t enjoy it as much as the fight scenes relied a bit too much on a characters special moves. Animation was low quality as well. And Terry’s super in this movie wasn’t even from any of the games.

The 2nd one was very good. Great story. Great fight scenes. Krauser was a beast.

3rd one was okay. A little too dragonball ish in the end I found.

Art of fighting movie: Garbage.

Samurai Shodown movie: Garbage.

Darkstalkers: I don’t seem to recall too much about them since I saw them from a while ago… but I do remember the fighting to be very reminiscent of the game. I can’t comment on the story though.

King of Fighters: Another Day

thanks n.n much appreciated

I love the Street Fighter II anime movie (Japanese version ONLY, US version butchered it). It’s the reason I got into anime and Street Fighter.
I still haven’t seen SFZ: Generations yet, I really need to. I think the first SFZ could have been better by taking out the stupid “Ryu is my brother!” kid and replacing Generic Throwaway Scientist with Vega. I mean, how do you do a SFZ anime without Vega?
The Fatal Fury anime were pretty good, too.
Samurai Showdown was tragic.
First live-action Mortal Kombat wasn’t bad (considering it was based on the worst fighting game series outside of Killer Instinct), the second one was awful, though.

Mortal Kombat I - best live-action FG movie eva
Mortal Kombat II - don’t remember much, coulda sworn it had good action
**Street Fighter **- worst live-action FG movie eva
Street Fighter II: Anime - the US version is waaaaay better than the japanese, if you go by the recent release which had both of them uncut and language was only difference, the voices and soundtrack for the US version kicks the original clear outta town
**Street Fighter II: V **- same Op, good fights, crappy story
Street Fighter Alpha - wouldn’t have been as bad if they took out the scientist, still kinda sucked
**Street Fighter Alpha: Generations **- i actually thought this had really good artwork and animation, but it gave the characters a non-traditional realistic look and my friends complain that Gouki’s face looked like ass, but besides that i just didn’t like the ending, thought it was weird
**Dark Stalkers anime **- only seen first volume, looks kule, actually use moves from the game and good animation, not sure about the story at this point
Fatal Fury trilogy - 1 was okay, weak fights, drama driven, 2 had much better action, 3 was different, best animation, action equal to 2
Fist of the North Star - there’s a fighting game but the anime came first, so i don’t know if this counts, but classic anime and movies

This quote sucks.

I haven’t seen the Alpha Generations flick… is it an actual movie, or part of a series? I think there’s a comic series of the same name.

Tekken also had an animated movie.

The Dead Or Alive movie has probably been released and is being forgotten at this very moment.

The MK2 movie had good presentation and such, but the action was pretty poor.

Are we talkin’ strickly movies here? or any anime related works…

a few I know of:

Voltage Fighter: Gowcaizer (this one is a bit sexy)
Samurai Spirits OVA (way better than the crappy movie)
Battle Arena Toshinden OVA (never seen it myself though)
Advance Variable Geo OVA (very sexy)


  • Mai transforms ==
    …best part of the movie. Cosplay monstress… next to Kim kicking arse on Controlled Cheng Sezheng. The characters felt a bit 1D, minus Joe and Jubei who at least joked a bit. Fight-wise, powers,powers,powers! Terry must’ve done Power Geyser so many times. The mininal guys got the most fight out of all this title since they took on the Fatal Fury 99 Team. They were the same team on the SF:A project. Alas, well summed up as this: made up movie-only bad guys in video game movies only worsen the plot. Geese was there, Krauser got honorable mention. L. Blood got served, and Kane nearly got beat. Use what you got to get what you want. Didn’t feel as good as it needed to be and seeing SF II:TAM before it wouldn’t help you. Besides the point, Terry now beat a god.

SF II: TAM: Street Fighter done right, but quick enough to say it’s a damn good fighting movie. The characters did their special moves when they needed to. Not all the time. With an all star Super Turbo cast, including Cammy, T Hawk, Dee Jay(uh…Dee Jay’s jamaican…NATIVE JAMAICAN!..), Fei Long and…the darkest one of all…GOUKI. Ryu against Fei Long made a great impression on me anime-wise at the time of TechnoMan and Ghost In Shell. Moreorless, a great adaptation. Manga you made anime.