Fighting Game New Year's Resolutions


2011 will be here in a few weeks, so what are your fighting game goals (personal, local, community, SRK related) for the New Year?

  • I need to set aside some actual time to go into training mode and work on my terrible execution.
  • Hold more casual sessions
  • Attend at least a tourney or two a month
  • Promote the hell out of Arcana Heart 3 around the Philly fighting game community.
  • Relearn KOF

Hopefully writing them down will help people not lose track of/forget them.


-never touch any fighting game


Actually get a stick this upcoming year. :x


My resolution is to stop playing fighting games. I really need to stop.


Final Round will be my first real tournament so I have a deadline to learn2play. Yes, I know I’m going to get beat up and not necessarily talking about in-game

  • To really get into “Fighting Games” again, in general. The last time I really was rolling deep with the scene was when the likes of MB:AC and Guilty Gear Slash were in their prime. That’s a long-ass time to be taking a sabbatical from what basically is my second-fave video game genre (second only to beat 'em ups/belt-scroll action games like Streets of Rage), and I think I’m ready to make a come back.

  • Once the PS3 port of AH3 is in my hands, stick with it and really appreciate its depth.

  • Do my part to promote AH3 around MD, as well as other possible interesting games that might be in the pipeline. Whenever French Bread’s new game is ready to be showcased, I’ll be there. Whenever KOFXIII home versions touch down, I’ll be there. If/whenever Gundam Extreme Vs. gets a PS3 port, I’ll be there. Etc., etc. :lol:

  • Stay away from MvC3, for the most part. If I do waver, I promise to wait until either all DLC is available, or at least the game has received its first major balance patch. Because you know that game is likely going to be buggy as hell when it first comes out, no unlike TvC’s first rendition…


-Pick up a stick, still gonna bea pad player for certain games Stick for KoF & GG is just wrong to me, tired of being grimy and having to borrow
-Seriously pick up Tekken
-Attempt to help build up scenes for games I actually give a damn about


Getting a jap stick and getting good at Accent Core. Oh and finally going to Evo.

  • Get a PS3
  • Get Arcana Heart 3
  • Get good at GGXXAC
  • Going to more tournaments
  • Practice and Promote Arcana Heart 3

  • i will play newer games.

  • Get a stick for the PS3 +Upgrade my SE 360 stick
  • Buy another copy of SSF4 (It’s trashed.)
  • Play an actual part in developing MvC3’s metagame for my specific characters (Last time I ever did this was for Sonic in Brawl. I actually discovered the far side-smash spin double jump, for example.)
  • Get Mortal Kombat and try hardest to raise it’s tournament play in my area (Hopefully the game isn’t a broken piece of shit.).
  • Raise Vampire Savior awareness and community and keep on in the Darkstalkers 4 movement.

  • make u all free in MK9

…all of you. :badboy:


stop playing fgs
troll more


Get dangerous enough in Marvel 3 that people in my state actually know of me.

Get a few people to play Akatsuki BLitzkampf with me.

Get better at HD Remix.

  • Get a stick that works for PS2 and/or PC so I can play something other than SSF4 and BBCS on a stick
  • Get better at Melty Blood
  • Find a damn character I like in SSF4 ~_~

  1. Win a major tourney
  2. Be the best Makoto player in the US (Blazblue)
  3. Travel out of state for a tourney


-To hit my anti airs more consistently with Sim, using the right 1s at the right ranges, I still mess up too much.
-Improve my execution in general, it’s not up to scratch.
-Improving my reaction times as much as possible, they’re bad and I’ll probably be limited to how far I can take them which has always discouraged me.
-Put the effort in to find more competition, there’s nothing local to me so I’ma have to travel a bit.

Oh and to stop buying arcade sticks…I have more than I need and I don’t have the money to do that shit.


Go to my first tournament, Final Round XIV

  1. Dominate Homefront in Melty and Arcana


  3. Play Rokunaya, and DO IT LIVE!!


-Change my buttons to seimitsu buttons, so my links could work
-Marvel 3