Fighting Game Notes: App in development (Catchy name needed) -- Community Feedback Thread


Hey guys,

I made an announcement for this announcement on Twitter, but sitting waiting to board a flight and decided to get this ready to announce.

This has been something that has been on my mind to do for over year, but took me taking web development courses to get motivated to start working on.

People may or may not remember but there was a “Matchup Notes” app in the Google Play Store, and it still exists. The issue with the app now is:

-It hasn’t been updated in years
-Many things are just simply broken (I’ve tried on multiple devices to import databases, and the app crashes)
-The app was Android only
-The app only stored data locally, you were responsible for backups and if your phone died and you couldn’t recover your data, WHOMP WHOMP.

This has relegated us to only using built-in note apps with our phones, which suffer from problems that if we switch phone brands we may not be able to recover them. Sure there’s apps like Inkpad that sync to a cloud, but it’s well tailored to what we need. So why not do better?

This is the reason for this project. This has started as a project for me personally to have easy access to my notes in tournaments without dealing with apps like Inkpad (I have a Sony Xperia that doesn’t have a built-in note app), and to tailor it to fighting games.

Current features include:
[] You can add notes for literally any fighting game you play. (Okay, literally not every one is displayed in the screenshots below, but the goal is to be 100% or as close to 100% as possible.)
] You can create notes specific to each matchup, much like you could on Matchup Notes, with markers to see what type of information it is. (Punishes, option selects, anti-airs, air-to-air situations, etc.)
[] You can filter notes within a particular matchup to the information you need at any moment, so if you just need punishes, you can filter it to only see that, or anything else.
] You can store player notes, so that if an opponent has an exploitable tendency or pattern, you can mark that down
[*] Game specific filters: There’s certain nuances to various games that you need to remember that aren’t even relevant to other games. Things like Ultra Combo selects in USF4, Stage Bans/Counterpicks in Smash, and Groove Specific information in CVS2 are included as notes you can take and filter for.

Right now, this is done in only HTML, SASS, and Javascript, and my data is stored statically. I did this part as my final project for my course but as well as for myself. But ultimately the goal is to give back to the FGC so they can have a solid note app to use. So obviously a lot more work will need to be done, but features that I already intend to add are as follows:

[] Android and iOS full compatibility.
] Desktop compatibility: You will have the ability to use your desktop or laptop to update your notes, as it is typically easier to type on a computer than a mobile device.
[] Cloud storage of your notes: No more need to back up database files on your phone whenever you switch devices. Just log in to the app on your phone or tablet and your notes will be there. I’m looking to avoid Google APIs to do this, so say you’re in a restricted internet country like China and need access to your notes online, you’ll be able to do this without VPN access.
] Local storage of your notes…just in case: I intend to make it so that you will have a local version of your notes on your device. This way if you don’t have access to data or Wifi at a venue (I had spotty internet access in the event hall at Evo this year, and didn’t get data roaming from Telus before I left Canada), you can still see your notes.
[] Offline edit of your notes: If you’re in the above situation and need to adapt your notes on the fly, you can do so, and your notes will resync when you gain an internet connection again.
] Localisation: Matchup Notes AFAIK was only useful for English speakers. Let’s change that. Language localisation is planned, with Chinese probably the first to get finished since that’s my second language, but Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and French are all planned soon after, and more languages would be added as needed.
[] Game Filter: Obviously not every person is going to want something like Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars on their list, so the ability to only show games that you have notes for will definitely happen, so as to not make you spend forever thumbing through the game list to find your game. I would also like to make a sorting option for games you either most frequently access or have the most notes for.
] Better Graphics: As you’ll tell by the screenshots, I used a lot of proprietary logos and graphics for my prototype, full deployment won’t see that fly lest I risk getting a laundry list of Cease and Desists. The full deployment will see these graphics change to original artwork that still attempts to retain some of the distinct style of the games that you know and love to play.

I waited until this weekend to post this, because I wanted to first give a presentation of this work to my class for feedback from my peers and instructors, and was met with a lot of positive feedback on it. Obviously now, the next logical step is to show it to the FGC, who will give me the biggest, consumer-centric feedback that will help me through the development, as you will all be able to give me ideas and critique that I haven’t seen or thought of myself yet. I also intend to post up a functioning model of what is currently completed for you guys to look around at to see the behaviour in the near future. It won’t be working in that you can post your own notes, but just to give you a feel for what I’m doing so if there’s any functionality that you guys don’t like, I can change it before I get too far along in development.


Any and all feedback welcome! I’ll also use this thread, as well as my Twitter (JTMMissingPersn) to provide updates on this project’s progress.


Will be keeping an eye on this. Have been looking for an appropriate notes app, Evernote/Dropbox Paper/Google Docs/OneNote don’t really cut it - have considered learning enough to do it myself (yeah, we all say that, don’t we?), but it’s a big undertaking.


I made something like this for android only a couple years back. . Hope you have success on your version of this :). Ran into issues with the use of artwork that belonged to capcom. So I hope you find a way to avoid that.

Good luck!


Yeah, I said that last year and never really put my ass in gear to really get going until this year. Structuring was hard, basically just figuring out how I wanted it to behave. Now that that’s done it won’t bother me so much.

That app is basically the inspiration for this, because the broken features created a desire for me to put it into a new setup and add on what I thought were features that’d be major improvements.

Yeah, likewise, the placeholder images you see are proprietary logos, but I intend to get adjusted for the ability to have this app flow freely into the wild without legal threats from various companies. I’m by no means a graphic designer, but I’ve got friends who are pretty God tier at it and would likely be able to offer their services to make this escape the legal restraints of Capcom/Nintendo/Namco.

FDV and FAT both have went varying routes to accomplish this, and I’m exploring my options on doing this. I at least escaped character artwork by relying on list boxes over having clickable character pictures, plus I think this makes loading matches more efficient.

The main menu may be the bigger hangup, but we’ll see what options work best and go from there!


So an update:

Now working on databasing and a slight bit of localisation. The localisation currently resides only on the back end, but once the databasing is done, I’ll start bringing it to the frontend.

Cleaned up a lot of the CSS code, and also working on cleaning some of the JS.

Also now have a Twitter for the app, tentatively calling it NoteZ, and you can follow it for more direct updates at