Fighting Game Player In-Training, Needs Advice

Hello. I’ve come to these forums for help in fighting games. I’ve always had fun in fighting games but uptil now I’ve never really been good and I’ve never taken the time to get better. Before this every fighting game I played I would just mash the buttons in hopes of getting an astounding combo. It works sometimes but after watching fighting game tourneys on YouTube, I want to get better and be able to perform the moves I want at anytime instead of mashing the buttons and hoping for a result. Right now I don’t have access to an Xbox or PS3 at the moment, but I’ve been using handhelds like the PSP and PSVITA to practice. I’ve played SSIV:AE and UMVC3 on consoles and after a couple hours of training mode I managed to come up with ok combos with Ryu on both games. But as I said before I have no access to a console at the moment so I’ve been practicing on the handhelds.

Right now I’m playing Street Fighter Alpha Max 3 and I’ve been spending a heck of an amount of time practicing with Akuma. I’ve also been playing other fighters such as Soul Caliber Broken Destiny for the PSP And Tekken 6 for the PSP. In addition to Dead Or Alive 5 Plus (demo) for the PSVITA. In a month I’ll be getting Street Fighter X Tekken and UMVC3 both for the PSVITA. What my question is though is which fighting game for both handhelds is the best to learn the fundamentals? I’ve seen an increase in my fighting game ability but not enough to be considered good. Any help,tips,or advice on getting better from you guys would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

I think you should stick to one game. For fundamentals, I think the best one would have to be SFxT for handhelds. Know that DOA is very different from capcom fighters

Thanks for response! I thought maybe if i were to play diff. fighters I could gain more experience overall, but I think I’ll be sticking with SFAM3 'till I get SFxT for the Vita to practice. Thanks again for the response!

yeah what xros said, its better to just get like really good at 1 game, street fighter games are a really good choice as most fighters are somehow based off of it. Play one for awhile atleast until you get really good at it, then you can later try a second game. It will most likely have a lot of similar concepts so it will be easy for you to transfer your skills over to the new game once you learn whats unique about it.

The first one you learn, will help a lot and will make the other games much easier and faster to learn and eventually you will just become good at fighting games in general.

  1. get reallly good at 1 game
  2. Pick up 2nd game
  3. learn the little differences this game has compared to previous ones
  4. learn some bnb combos
  5. Try and implement what you know in other fighting games, and transfer your skills over to new one
  6. repeat process for next fighting game.

i also like to play similar characters, most ppl have a similar playstyle. If you play someone like Ryu , he has basically the same techniques in every game so its easy to transfer your skills with him.

Thanks for response! So what I’m getting is I should stick with SFAM3 until I get absolutely great at it and then transfer those skills to other fighters. Right now I’m maining Akuma. Thanks again for response!