Fighting Game Player Types - Help Needed for Blog Article

Sup all. I’m working on a new player blog article titled “Player Select Screen” (a pun on ‘Character Select Screen’, obviously). The point of the article is to think of a new way of breaking down certain game types and helping low-to-mid-level players (like myself) think of new ways to play the game. But while I’ve got some decent ideas in mind, I wanted to know what the rest of the SRK community had to offer to maybe touch upon some things that I missed.

So, the first thing I wanna talk about is “technology”. To do that, I made up three specific player types, which I’ve named after three different MvC characters:

[]The Tony Stark
]The Dante
[*]The Mega Man
The Tony Stark
This player type is the guy who constantly comes up with more advanced, progressive technology. Tony Stark is the guy who figures out the most efficient way to kill Phoenix, the best combos which lead into dizzy, the newest resets, and ways to escape from a previously-thought inescapable situation. What keeps him on top is the ability to not think outside of the box, but to think of shit *before the box is even invented. *

The weakness of Tony Stark is that new technology is often untested, and may not be as practical as it first looks. Also, this sort of thing sometimes only works *once. *If you rely on new technology, then your biggest advantage is to ensure that you constantly upgrade and re-invent the wheel.

**Player Examples: **Combofiend, Justin Wong

The Dante
The Dante doesn’t invent new technology–he just perfects what already exists. Tony Stark may have invented this weapon, but Dante can take it places Tony never dreamed of. Dante has the natural talent to execute on levels no one else can. His weapons aren’t exactly state-of-the-art, but that doesn’t matter when he can use it like nobody’s business.

The weakness of Dante is his own reliance upon skill. Dante wants to be stylish and prove that he’s amazing, but one slip-up is usually all it takes to cost him a game (anybody who’s played DMC3 knows exactly what I’m talking about). Even if Dante himself doesn’t make a mistake, all it takes is one thing he never saw coming.

**Player Examples: **Poongko, Filipino Champ

The Mega Man
The Mega Man lacks Tony Stark’s inventive genius and Dante’s reckless skill. However, what he *does *have is the ability to adapt. He may not have invented the technology he uses, and he can’t use it to the same skill that Dante can, but he can change up and combine it with other technology to make up for it. He uses the most efficient weapon for this job and switches it out when it isn’t working.

Again, the problem is that his technology isn’t as up-to-date as Tony Stark’s nor as flawless as Dante’s. Mega Man only has a few shots to figure out if Weapon A is working before switching for Weapon B and then if that doesn’t work, to Weapon C. Too slow to figure it out, and it’s back to mission start.

**Player Examples **Evil Rahsaan, Sanford Kelly

That’s the gist of the idea I’m working with. But, what I need from you guys is a few things:
[]Let me know if you agree or disagree with my player examples. If you have better suggestions, let me know. If you have match examples, I’d like to see those as well. I’m hoping to provide some analyses to better confirm my observations.
] Give me feedback for how interesting this idea seems to you. Like I said, it’s not for top/high-level players; mostly for average to above-average players to figure out how to carve out their own niches.
[*]If you have more player types and stuff, just post 'em. I’m sure I didn’t touch upon everything.

Thanks in advance for any help! I appreciate it.

dunno but a Tokido type player that can play multiple games at a high level

Defining player styles with familiar characters.
Pretty Cool.
How about The Dan.
The player type that lacks the Technology, lacks the Skill, lacks the Adaptability but with practice still manages to surprise people.

I’m the type that needs to get in some games before I really shine but I can’t play for too long or I’ll start to get lazy with my inputs and thinking.

Hey cool.
I know someone who shares your exact play style.
I’m the type of player that is really unimpressive unless I’m under pressure.

LOL, I was going to call your style “The Phoenix”.


Sirlin already did this.

Turles (Ortiz)
Attackers (Valle)
Obessed (Sirlin)
Snakes (Schaefer)
One True Style (Choi)
the Beast (Daigo)

Yeah we turtlers need some loving :slight_smile:

little bit of this is domination 101 too Tournament Player Archetypes

I know. This isn’t meant to be the same sort of player breakdown. I’m a big fan Sirlin’s philosophies, though.

I dunno, some things seem to be going down the same path, especially with your “Dante” which seems to be the philosophical opposite of Sirlin’s “Obsessed.”

True enough. I’m nowhere near the pro Sirlin is, but I just want to contribute my take.