Fighting Game Puns v.1


edit: Actually rather be obnoxious, since everyone seems to hate the idea of a pun thread i’ll kill it.


Here’s a pun for you…


lol so clever, but oops idc :confused:


as someone who loves puns and word play, this thread sucks


My name.


Holy shit this niggas jokes was sooooooooooooo bad that I actually busted out laughing from the sheer terribleness.

If this guy was in front of me I would berserk barrage x this nigga to death with a potato peeler while crying and laughing at the same time.


Pro-tip: drinking haterade here only bumps my thread.


I’m a pro at making haterade but check this, not letting you on my tip. A whore like you probably would level me with bumps. Thread that shit through a needle, nit a handkerchief wit that, then wipe all those bitch tears off your face my dood.


Damn Pherai beat me to the punchline


If I were a mod this would be where I say

“Case Closed” and lock the thread.


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