Fighting Game Question

Well let me introduce myself, my name is Antoine and I’m from Syracuse, NY (not that I think anyone cares) but recently I’ve started creating a game for the XBL community games in the form of a traditional 2D fighter. I tried getting ideas on gameplay mechanics from anyone, but no one could come up with anything. A friend of mine told me to try to ask the friendly members of shoryuken on what kind of mechanics they would like to see in a fighting game. Most of the people I ask about it don’t know because all they do is play tekken. So I ask is there any quirks you would want in a balanced 2D fighter?

lol Balance will do just fine. How far along are you? Any screen shots? Can you paste a snippet of the game doc? Tell us more! I think it’s cool you’re doing this sort’ve thing. You should also check out David Sirlin’s website, he covers some balance philosophy in depth. I also have philosophies; but my experience is in Halo 3 gametypes (awesome as they are).

OMG PUT IN DREAM CANCELS! J/K seriously tho, I’d second the “what’s it gonna be like?” before chipping in what would be cool for it. What’s the game gonna be like and what exactly are you asking for?

Use a doujin fighter engine. I hear that they’re very popular now-a-days.

I’d like to see something like Super Turbo, but more variety… wait… CvS2…

OK, I’d like CvS2, but balanced.

As in how far along am I…Finishing up 2 characters and polishing story. No screens or any other cool tidbits I’m afraid. So Long story short getting it off the ground and waiting for my team to finish some samples. It’s pretty much an anime based game with drawn sprites (don’t know if there is a term for it, excuse my ignorance). I play KOF and 3rd Strike(tho i suck @ 3s) I want the game to have the same fluid feel as the two. But I want to know what kind of gameplay mechanics that people would want to see. Basically, I want to try to create the perfect fighting engine. It won’t have anything like MvC2 or TvC where as everyone is all over the place.

yea give variety like super combos, cancels, super cancels, etc.

3rd Strike is a hard act for an independent group to follow, but its good you have *that *as a target point.

First off, let’s not imagine creating the perfect fighting engine - just create your fighting engine. What are you trying to deliver, what have you learned from the past. Do you want Parries? Just Blocks? Both? I know you’re asking us what we’d like to see but I still wanna know what *you *are trying to convey in the first place.

CvS2 is my favorite 2D fighter by the way. Lots of characters, lots of play styles to choose, cool effects…

Put in a Capoeira fighter. No 2d fighters has them (Dee Jay is not one), except a very old Fatal Fury.


pfft yeah it’s true my bad.

Are you sure its Capoeira? I remember reading up on SF the other day and it said she learned her style from her African homeland, and that it was based on dance movements but I don’t recall it specifically saying it was Capoeira.

As for the other guy, that’s Richard Myer; appeared as a boss in the first Fatal Fury and was an unlockable character in KOF MI2.

Isn’t Bob a capoeria?

oh wait… that’s the old Fatal Fury game you’re talking about…

Just wanted to wish you luck. I don’t really have any new ideas for you, sorry. But I am starting a similar project for the Community Games on 360, only 3D models in a 2D fighting games (SF4 style). Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Capoeira has a confusing history but if I remember right it came from africa basically and then got named capoeira and changed a little in brazil. So I think that’s Elena’s deal.

In any event, on an independent game it’s good not to go for too much of a crazy combo heavy game cuz you’ll probably just end up with a ton of infinites and stuff otherwise. And yeah, about the “perfect fighting engine” you can never make that just because different people like different stuff. Pick out what you like about the games you do like. Did you like parries in 3S? Is there a way you think they could have worked better? Do that then. Did you like superjumps/short hops/super-short hops in King of Fighters? Put those in. What about rolls? Just look at the games you like and figure out what you like about them basically. I personally really liked parries, but some people hate them because they negate the use of fireballs as a real ranged option. It’s all personal preference.

Edit: oh yeah and good luck, stuff like this can be either really fun or really frustrating.

Bumfights - The Game

No special move should be 100% safe on block. Even if you can only throw out a jab to punish, it should be punishable. There are games out there where the frame advantage is the same on hit as on block, but that’s bs.

If you’re gonna put in a way of canceling recovery frames (like a Roman Cancel or FADC) make sure there’s some kind of limit on the things. Either deplete from a meter or stock or only x amount in y time frame.

I’m specifically critiquing a certain game out there, kudos to you if you figure it out.

You don’t mean Super Turbo, do you?

No. I don’t believe there’s a way to cancel recovery frames in that game, but prove me wrong if I am.

OK, I just misunderstood. Because there’s some moves that are completely safe on block, there’s moves that are completely punishable whether hit or block… so yeah.