Fighting Game Related Clothing


I’m looking for fighting game shirts but only know of the more known companies, such as BrokenTier, Kineda and the like. There is one shirt in particular I am looking for. It’s of MvC2 Dr. Doom shooting his laser with the word “PEW” in place of the laser. I can’t for the life of me find it but I got the link from a stream within the past month.

Also, I’ll update this thread with as many shirt companies links as possible.


I couldn’t find it on google images


Found it:


Thanks so much!


No Probs Man


the Dr Doom shirt is dope. I’m going to have to order one.


the only online stores with SF shirts that i know of:

eternal rival (though honestly this thread is the first i’d heard of them, but they have some cool shirts)


They do have some neat stuff, it seems. Hesitant to buy one, however. They don’t sell in 3X and I don’t trust strange 2X shirts. Some are perfect, others are a bit of a squeeze. I do like that Vega shirt, though…


Hey Guys. Check us out as well at

We are just getting going, but already have sponsorships for players in the works and new designs coming!


I know screwattack has a few SF-related T-shirts.


Nice, not feeling the current designs but I’ll keep an eye on the site.


We are proud to announce we now sponsor Infrit and Team LXG! We worked closely with Infrit to design his signature shirt! check it out! [LEFT][/LEFT]


I wanted an ibuki t shirt but it seems like they’re out of print. -___-


The raging demon shirt on eternal rival is fuckin dope. I’m gonna have to snatch that up. Anyone know where they ship from?


Strider’s Oroboros shirt looks amazing. Sadly only in 3X-Large at the moment, but if large came back into stock, it’s mine (as long as shipping to the UK doesn’t cost an arm and a leg).


Nice to see the ER stock has improved. Last time I was on their site they had maybe 10 designs. Still want Yahoo! Black.


hey buddy, was just on th ER website and they have em in stock, I actually just ordered the one you were talking about :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s also which is more of a general video-game shirt company, but they do have some Street Fighter related shirts as well.


Want a shirt that’s not terrible? Avoid Neo’s Underground Syndicate stuff.