Fighting game sales figures?

I am doing a little research on an article i am writing atm, and i am desperately looking for anywhere i can find a comprehensive list of video game sales figures, including fighting games.

Thanks in advance.

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omni has the most accurate sales figures, I believe…

omni had a good list a long time ago. the numbers are really ugly tho if it isnt called doa, soul calibu, or tekken however. well then again mkt sold pretty well

Street fighter Alpha 3 for PSX was a greatest hits and it only sold .39 million in the U.S. How many units does it take to qualify as a greatest hits?

PS2 it takes 500k to become greatest hits. Granted games like Madden sell 500k the first week and obviously those aren’t greatest hits for a while so there are some other factors.

What are you looking for? I can give you ps2, xbox 1 and 360, gamecube, wii, ps3, ds, gba sales figures for america.

Since I’m bored I’ll give you some random things - this is all from February sales #'s:

DOA4 - 369,000 (damn…doa extreme volleyball 2 clocked in 49k total so far)

Tekken on PSP: 150k
Tekken 5: 647k
Tekken 5 CE: 22k (wonder how many they even made? still…thats a lot of joysticks)
Tekken 4: 1.2 million
Tekken Tag: 1.4 million (damn…t4 hella caught up when it went to greatest hits)

VF4: Evo: 285k
VF4: 625k

A3 on PSP: 91k

Ok, i’m bored looking for random things that make me laugh. Hit me up with what you are looking for.

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Ah…the good old days when Capcom and SNK fighting games on the Dreamcast sat big and pretty on top of the Japanese sales charts…

EDIT: Upon closer inspection, those numbers give a slanted perspective considering that site has no information about Playstation system sales until 2005 (WTF???)

PSX was slightly different.

Alpha 3 did do a little less than 500k in the US but it did over 1 Million worldwide, making it one of the PSX’s elite sellers.

So maybe the world-wide market is also taken into consideration.

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I am so used to broken english being used on other forums, my brain just didn’t quite “get” what this topic was asking for. :wink:

With that said, outside of (already posted and horribly outdated - not to mention wrong), the best chance at getting the information you want is to request a specific game’s figures. I have access to back Media create/NPD numbers and though Fighting games are usually barely a blip on their register, it is good for at least providing first month sales.

WHoops i forgot i made this thread. Omni would it all be possible to find out how much SF2:HF sold on xbla. Also wondering if you have access to UK figures, specifically for t5, sf:ac and cfj.


I knows nothing about XBLA and I knows even less about UK, sorry yo.

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