Fighting Game Storyline speculation

(used to post in the SNK thread as Ramirez Platinum)

begins with the weapons of fighting games

Guilty Gear:

Sol- Badguy

Fire Seal

  • is a broken sword(a fanboyish RPG statement), has infinite energy(can overheat, though), can heat itself and other things, can produce fire and project it as well, can produce magma and project it as well, can produce a nuclear reactor-esque meltdown, can boost it’s user, can seal abilities, random critical hits

Ky Kiske

Thunder Seal

  • is a knights lance sword(European), has infinite energy as well, can electrocute itself and other things, electricity can paralyze enemies, can produce electricity and can project it as well, can boost it’s user, can **seal **abilities, can ressusicate, can power machinery and electronics, can short curcuit machinery and electronics

King of Fighters


designer shades

  • literally designer shades(a stylish statement), while wearing allows him to see things that he should not be able to see(radar vision, motion detector,), vibrator to forewarn him of dangerous enemies(spider sense-esque), plastic explosives which act as designer shades to serve as a dupe(example: K’ pretends that his glasses are simply average shades, dupes an oponent into believing his deciet, tosses shades at opponent, shades explode and he follows up with a combo) special allow which allows shades to vibrate through energy(ki, fire, etc.) upon throwing them

Post any crazy speculation you have about Video game characters here, in this topic!

I don’t know what this topic is, but if this is your interpretation of fighting games and their stories, I think I like it. Here’s mine-

Fighting style- Ansatsuken
Ansatsuken- A style formed off of Shotokan, Judo, and ki manifestation, Ansatsuken is a martial arts style that has been handed down for generations in Japan and China. Ryu’s mother died, when he was young, so, he went to learn this martial art, eventually seeing how great it is.


Street Fighter 1-
Ryu Houshi fought Adon, Geki, Retsu, Gen, and Sagat in an Eastern martial arts tournament and defeated Sagat using a Metsu Shoryuken, eventually discovering the Dark Hadou. Ryu ripped open Sagat’s chest, after he defeated Adon in a whirlwind battle. He returns home to see Chun Li, his girlfriend, Ken, his best friend, and Makoto, his master’s daughter, among several other students of Ansatsuken.

Street Fighter Alpha-
Ryu returned to see Gouken’s daughter crying over Gouken’s body, whom Akuma slew. Ken was there and Ryu eventually ran across a forest to find humility. He cried with great sadness for his master, and soon, Ken appeared and gave Ryu his red hairband as a symbol of friendship and as an oath for Ryu to never use the Dark Hadou.
Later on, Ryu met Sakura Kasunago, while looking for Akuma, and he taught her enough moves for her to get by. Later on, Ryu had a fighting match with Akuma and saw his dark power deep down. When Ryu was on the verge of darkness, he was reminded of his friends, and won his first battle with Akuma. Later on, Ryu started to look for humility, eventually meeting Gen. Gen saw potential in Ryu in the first tournament and saw that he was a powerful warrior.
Now, Gen knows it is time for Ryu to become a powerful fighter and defeat Akuma. Ryu decides to fight again and looks to fight in the World Warrior tournament. Eventually, he meets Sagat again, and M.Bison appears, having his warriors capture Ryu and Ken, who he decides are the two strongest in the world. It results in an all-out battle, eventually ending with Ryu being captured and taken to Shadowlaw headquarters. Bison and Ryu duel, eventually ending with Ryu destroying Bison. Ryu escapes at the last minute and is found by Guile.

Street Fighter 2
Story- Ryu has already completed training Sakura and Ken has a son named Mel. As Ryu is preparing for the next tournament, he learns that Bison lived and is holding a tournament, inviting certain people from the World Warrior tournament. He only invites certain people to battle, eventually regrouping the former Shadowlaw agents, with Cammy being exempt. Ryu knows that Akuma will appear, at one point. Ryu defeats Sagat again, eventually making it to fighting M.Bison.
Akuma appears at one point, when Ryu is about to be destroyed by M.Bison, and performs the Shungokusatsu. Ryu eventually sees how Akuma is truly a force to be reckoned with and Ryu continues his training.



Sonic Boom - better width than hadoken, weaker height than hadoken, travels slow and extremely good recovery on “jab”

(how hadoken works)


Hadoken - extension of fist, drains ki directly(so basically I’m assuming that they give up a small pint of ki to project an larger quantity of it), better heght than Sonic boom, 3 levels of speed control - level 1 = lower damage, slow speed, fast recovery, longer charge, weaker stun, drains a small pint of ki, travels furthest, low density/ level 2 = average damage, average speed, average recovery, average charge, average stun, drains average ki, average density, travels average / level 3 = higher damgae, fast speed, weaker recovery, shorter charge, better stun, drains alot of ki, travels shortest, best density - corner traps, fake hadoken,


Blue Gloves
If anyone remembers Curley from Of Mice and Men, he wore a glove on one hand with vaseline (or lotion) in it to keep his hand soft for “certain” reasons, then you know why Dudley wears those gloves all the time. I mean, the guy could easily be a pimp, and he’s rich!


His Manager
Ok there is no way that Hugo is not banging her, and since she’s a trans… Hugo is pretty much gay. I’ll admit she looks good but history is reason enough to reconsider those thoughts. So considering her history, and her relations with Hugo, its safe to say that Hugo prefers the left side of the track, although I think i he’s more of a giver than a taker.

If someone were to organize a Street Fighter vs. KOF vs. Guilty Gear tournament who do you think would win? My personal opinion is that KOF would seeing as how they have **more star players **involved.

The tournament scence would basically boil down to the following characters:

Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Oro, Urien, & Gill


Ryo,Takuma, Robert, Kyo, Iori, Terry, K’, Kula, K’9999, Rock, Geese, Goenitz, Igniz, Krizalid, Ash, Orochi(is leaving out Zero all together, well, because I think he sucks)


Slayer, Sol-Badguy, Ky, Justice, I-no

As you can see, I’m only counting the **main enemies **and **main characters **of each series. Seeing as how KOF is an amalgamation of different series(AOF, FF, etc), one should assume that KOF would win seeing as how they have more **star players **(**main enemies **and main characters)envolved. …But anyway, here we go

Before we get started let me state that there has been a number of KOF vs. SF topics in the fighting games discussion over the years(no GG vs. though) and they have all involved the SF party stating that Ryu defeats Kyo because of his experience and the KOF party(to which I used to adhere to as Ramirez Platinum) stating that Kyo beats Ryu because of his talent. Because of this startling fact I have decided to label the main characters and main enemies of each series(some of them / the rest I haven’t figured out yet) under the labels experience, talent, and a new outline I’d like to introduce, Data.

experience(dominated by SF’ers even though The GG guys take the cake):

Ryu, Oro, Akuma, Sol(150 plus years my man, hell yes…), Slayer(Immortal, resembles a 49 year old man, has been around longer than Sol)

Talent(dominated by, of course, KOF’ers)

Kyo, K’, Rock, Terry, Ken

Seeing as how SNK officially labled Krizalid’s fighting style as** Data**, I would assume that he had more than anyone else here on the playing field. Simply put; he is an amalgamation of Data.

Data(mostly dominated by KOF’ers):

Krizalid, GIll(not the typical SF experience), Urien, K’9999, Igniz

experience - 1 a : direct observation of or participation in events as a basis of knowledge b : the fact or state of having been affected by or gained knowledge through direct observation or participation
2 a : practical knowledge, skill, or practice derived from direct observation of or participation in events or in a particular activity b : the length of such participation <has 10 years experience in the job>

**talent - 2 archaic : a characteristic feature, aptitude, or disposition of a person or animal
3 : the natural endowments of a person
4 a : a special often creative or artistic aptitude b : general intelligence or mental power : ABILITY
5 : a person of talent or a group of persons of talent in a field or activity

data - 1 : factual information (as measurements or statistics) used as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or calculation <the data is plentiful and easily available – H. A. Gleason, Jr.> <comprehensive data on economic growth have been published – N. H. Jacoby>
2 : information output by a sensing device or organ that includes both useful and irrelevant or redundant information and must be processed to be meaningful
3 : information in numerical form that can be digitally transmitted or processed**So basically:

Talent = a natural born knack

experience = the basis for strategical thinking

Data = cough coughwhat bosses usecough cough

Now being the KOF fan that I am, I’d have to say that talent is the superior quotient seeing as how with a half years worth of training Kyo was able to be on equal footing with Goenitz after being defeated by him. This shows that talent is superior seeing as how it is akin to Kyo grasping an idea instantly where as it would take Ryu a couple of years to grasp. See what I am saying? Talent is the natural born knack.

Ken graps instantly where as it would take Ryu a whole year or two to pick up on what Ken instantly grasped. Ken Masters doesn’t even have to train as much as Ryu and yet he is still about as good as him thanks to his natural born talent.

I’m all for KOF. What do you all think?

re the above:

Guilty Gear would win simply because the power level of their characters are near-bullshit level. To compare the range of these games’ stories:

SF = regular “sports martial arts” manga where ordinary people train really hard and gain access to some supernatural/ki-based techniques.

KOF = typical Chinese manhwa with a billion effeminate characters who job badly to the main effeminate characters and villians.

GG = fantasy/action manga where highly skilled/superpowered individuals fight each other for the sake of the world.

GG has a few characters that can have the planet leveled. The only one that strong in KOF/SNK canon is Orochi (and maybe the four Last Blade animal dieties). The only threats who are anywhere near that level in the SF universe are Gill, maybe Urien, and maybe Oro, depending on how strong he really is. CvS2/CFE Shin Akuma could be near that level too, but that’s it. Bison/Evil Ryu/standard Akuma et al ain’t shit.

How the fuck don’t the GG powerhouses have talent?

You sound a little biased there, wanna point out some of the better qualities of KOF and SF? For example, what the Nests’ Cartel may lack in fighting capabilities (against GG) they make up for in technical intelligence. Krizalid is a good example of how a semi-mediocre fighter can be turned into a contender through technology. Just thought that was worth mentioning.

introspection on K-4-HACK

K’9999(K-4-9 to the uninitiated) has a pretty high power level so I don’t know about that. His name means Y2K, the end of the world, the reset. In Akira(where his character comes from) he caused a cosmic rebirth(basically a big bang). He literally has the power level to re-energize the universe if needs to. He also takes drugs and is a hardcore drug addict. Meaning, he can O.D acid trip and instantly achive his max power(Cajuns use drugs to achive their max potentials when doing crimes/They also do not have to focus or concentrate when robing, stealing, etc./K’9999 is like them, he instantly achive his max potential without charging and does not have to focus or concentrate while fighting)

exmp: So basically, while Ky is charging his max Ride the Lightning K’9999 would have already hit him with his most powerful move.

Ky = has to charge
K’9999 = O.D’s, does not have to charge

Ky = has to focus and concentrate
K’9999 = does not have to focus or concentrate(meaning, he can fight Ky and play a game of Street Fighter at the same time/does not have to stay focused during the fight/can slack off if he needs to)

notes* the only limitation to K’9999’s overdosing is that he burns himself out and has to wait on the sidelines to re-charge

I hear Chipp was a drug addict as well

What do you think?

They have experience, not talent.

Shit, I ain’t biased. I barely play GG and much prefer KOF/SF to it. But all of NESTS’ technobabble won’t be worth shit if, say, Justice/Sol/Dizzy/That Man revive the Gears and effectively bring an end to humanity. No one in SF/KOF outside of Gill or Orochi can bring about an armageddon-level decimation like that.

What better qualities of SF? SF was always in the lower rungs of the power tiers. The Street Fighters get shat on by KOF/GG and especially DarkStalkers and Marvel, which shits heavily on even KOF/GG. I love SF and find their characters to have more personality than GG, but I’m not gonna front and say they’ve even got a chance against GG’s big guns.

KOF might stand a chance but only if their storyline bullshit level is on max (which it usually is anyway) and they give everyone god tier powers (Kyo and Iori put on the SAME level as Orochi, Dragon God Kensou, Goddess Athena, Immortality Scrolls Geese, Revived Pillars of Orochi, Three Treasures Ash Crimson, Satsui no Hadou Rugal, God-Tier Igniz, SHIT, bring in reincarnations of Last Blade’s Kaede and Kagami, and if they wanna add him to the SNK side, bring in the hero from Crystalis, God Slayer). Maybe then will they stand a chance against a potential Gear holocaust.

Edit: You still didn’t explain why the GG characters don’t have “talent.” I’d say that the mortal sword users have skill (Baiken, who fights witth one fucking arm, Johnny, Jam seem to have talent. I call bullshit on characters like May because she has a dolphin, of course, and Bridget, who wants cock).

…Think Sol can take on K’9999?

Yes, I believe Sol can fuck up Four-Nine. Shit, Four-Nine in the end barely amounted to shit in KOF canon as he gets taken out the picture at the end of ‘01. I presume he either got beat by Team K’ or his team fell back on Igniz’s command, but there isn’t much to go by as far as his destructive power’s concerned. I really, really doubt that he’s Tetsuo-tier though. THAT would be some bullshit.

…They’re basically the same person man.
…I hear that’s why SNK gave him the same voice actor as Tetsuo.

(he got taken out of the canon for Eolith company reasons)

It’s fallacious to believe that K9999 has the exact skills and abilities of Tetsuo just because they have the same voice actor, similar designs, and similar moves. I’ll believe K9999 is as planet-leveling (well, at least city-leveling) as Tetsuo when it happens in KOF canon.

K-four-HACK resets / evolution in the K’ gene in the 9999th clone
(begins on post 3, ends on post 8)

K’9999 is a Kyo clone. A glitch. A hack. He is a glitch in the nine thousasnd nine hundred and ninety nine clone of the K’ series. Y2K, mah brotha!

His name means THE RESET. He IS the end of the world.

Tetsuo should be his first form. …Second form(or shall I say power up from here on out) should be him with the white hair and third power up is him with the blue hair. He can only ahcive his blue haired form for a limited time seeing as how he will over heat and explode(a la Tetsuo at the end of the movie) if he goes over his time limit.

(I wonder what Lantis has to say about all of this)

Talent is more or so the ability to grasp ideas instantly. Remember dodge ball? Remember the one lethargic flunky in the center of the field who always got whacked with the ball and the mentally adept kid who could dodge eveything with his eyes closed? Take this philosophy and magnify in ten-fold and you have Kyo. He’s fortunate on the battle field. It’s almost as if he was blessed with infinite talent.

Well, Kyo is the mentally adept child but pretty much all other characters pale in comparison to HIS talent.

Guilty Gear Guys on the other hand(Sol, Slayer and company) have experience(more so than Kyo).

Hedonistic Ecstacy Amorous Delight / Darkstalkers Q & A

Well, that’s about all I know about K’9999. So what do people know about Darkstalkers…? I don’t much except that Morrigan is a succubus. Merriam Webster gives it’s definition of a succubus as a demon assuming female form to have sexual intercourse with men in their sleep. My interpretation of a succubus is a hedonistic female who gives sex 24 hours a day and who also is devoted to getting people off of the spiritual path and onto the material path. The material path being nothing but sex, wine(being drugged), and pleasure.

hedonism - 1 : the doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the sole or chief good in life(having sex all of the time)

Yes, Morrigan’s pretty much a hedonist. Succubi don’t use physical energy and endurance as much as they use sexual energy. So basically, she can astral project and basically make any man fall for her instantly by seducing them.

Back to the versus topic…

Demitri Maximoff vs. Slayer sounds like a good match. Ey Bowling Pin, think Slayer can take out Demitri… ?

back to Street Fighter vs King of Fighters vs. Guilty Gear matches

I’d also like to note that Takuma deflected a beam from a Zero cannon(city leveling) in his KOF ending(either '00 or '01). Orochi is the source of his own energy, is the source of ALL ki(the true mythical persona of it), and can ONLY be harmed by the Shingi Troica(The Kusanagi Sword, The Hekkeshi Wine Glass, and the Yata Mirror). Also, being the source of all Ki means that you can use any Ki technique you want(be it Hadoken or Burn Knuckle).

Now, why can Kyo’s flames burn Orochi… ? Simply put; they burn a persons soul out from The Wheel of Time(God’s perspective) and they don’t stop burning either for an eternity(only on the true manifested Orochinagi and No Stlyle does his flames work in this manner). His flames also render him invincible as long as his spirit(the flame in the palm of his hand) is manifested. Meaning, he can’t be hit.

Some people destroy cities, some destroy planets, others destroy gods.

Demitri will straight up fuck Slayer. The nigga ate a flaming god for shit’s sake.

lol I like how you put that.

SF and KOF are completley different. They are not meant to be put together because they work by different rules. In the Capcom world, SF would own KOF. In the KOF world, KOF would own SF. In a world that bridges the two together, it is next to impossible to say in many scenarios because both have characters that don’t give us a lot of information and there is like a ton of room of speculation when you are talking about main characters but I’m not even going there.

KOF and SNK in general works on Anime rules, way more than SF does. The main character can be fighting a God and/or someone way more powerful than he is. But if this God does something evil like kidnapping your father or trying to take over the world good will triumph over evil, it doesn’t have to be logical but good will triumph. It’s a cool concept since we all grew up with ideas that good will overcome evil. That’s pretty much how Kyo wins all the time(not that he’s a wimp mind you, he’s incredibly strong but you basically have a teenager beasting grown Ass men, it’s not exactly logical) and how Terry manages to defeat Geese where almost everyone agrees that Terry is stronger than Geese. That’s also how Haohmaru manages to take down Gods/Godlike Bosses when he’s a human.

SF doesn’t work that way. If someone is way more powerful than you, unless they let you win they are going to kick your Ass. It doesn’t matter what evil thing they did they are going to beat your Ass down. Also while in SNK revenge is a positive motivator that will allow you to do amazing things revenge is a very bad think in SF. Gill has to let Alex win because revenge doesn’t give him the power to do so. Guile has to let his vengeance go. Sagat has to let it go. Chun-Li put is past her after SF2 and move on. They hammer this concept time and time again. Good still triumphs over evil but it happens in a much different way, best example is Vega(M.Bison in the US) fighting against Rose, Cammy, the 12 Dolls, Ken, Sakura, loosing to Ryu, escaping to his base and then beating up Guile and Nash until Nash pins him down so he can blow up, so good still wins out in the end but it’s a more complicated path. This theory is cool too.

Right down to the way both companies handle their characters is completely different. In SNK people who have other things in their lives tend to be the strongest. So in SNK -

Terry > Andy
Ryu < Ken

In Capcom however characters who focus on fighting and nothing else tend to be the strongest. So in Capcom -

Terry < Andy
Ryu > Ken

Just to point this out, Ryu is way stronger that Ken by the time of SF3. He’s Shin Shoryuken is officially stated to be able to kill a man. He can carry a boulder on his back that ways tons. He even tells Ken he has the better win record between the two in SF3. So Ken’s natural talent to pick things up easy doesn’t get him that far. Not that it’s a surprise, it’s Ryu’s game after all. Ken can still whoop the majority of SFers though for free.

Yes, Guilty Gear would own both casts for free. Gears destroyed most of the planet, including all of Japan. Sol Badguy doesn’t fight at full strength and beats everyone up, minus That Man. I-No can time travel and alter reality(she went back in time and saved Ky Kiske’s life creating GG’s current timeline, no one knows why exactly she did this) no one in SF or KOF can do something like that. As for Darkstalkers, low level Darkstalkers to weak to be featured in the games are said to be able to single handedly defeat an army of Elite Marines. Demitri is able to cloak himself and his entire castle from sunlight to show you how powerful he is. There are uber powerful characters that can hang in SF and KOF like Orochi, Gouki, Gill, Oro, Goenitz, but for the most part they’d get owned by either GG and DS.

As far as what Lantis would say, check the KOF storyline thread(page 9 or so). He doesn’t rank K9999 that high. in his Super Hero Tier list he ranked K9999 at number 15 above only Leona and Yuki of all people.