Fighting game terminology in other languages

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For you World Warriors out there, I was wondering if people knew terminology or general vocabulary related to fighting games in languages besides English. I imagine that this kind of vocabulary would be useful when talking to other people in an arcade and it would be possible to discuss strategy if your language skills were up to par.

As for myself, I’ll be studying abroad in China starting this week and I’ve been posting and reading on a Chinese arcade forum, so I picked up some vocabulary here and there. Nothing gameplay specific, but they’re just words that I would have never learned in a Chinese class at school.

I’ll share first:

??? - ji? tu b wng - Street Fighter (usually ji? b)
?? - qun wng - King of Fighters
?? - ti? qun - Tekken (literally from Japanese)
?? - yu x - game
?? - ji? j? - arcade machine or arcade game
?? - j? fng - arcade (probably are other words for this, literal meaning: game room)
?? - yo g?n - joystick
?? - n ni? - button
?? - s?n h - Sanwa
?? - j?ng ch - Dictator (literal meaning: policeman)
?? - ch? zi - Claw (literal meaning: fork)
?? - qun wng - Boxer (literal meaning: boxing champ, accurate, but interestingly the same word as KoF)

That’s all that I’ve learned and can think of at the moment. I’m also studying abroad in Japan later so I plan to learn Japanese terminology too. I’m sure most of you would like to visit a Japanese arcade one day. Does anyone else have any words to share in any other languages?

I lold at policeman.
I’m gonna call him that now.


abare? abareta!!
goshi goshi goshi
bu~n bu~n bu~n

I only know that in Mexico they used to call Super moves “La quinta” or “El quinto” (which literally translates to “the fifth”.
I think it’s because a lot of characters in fighting games have about 4 special moves, so their Super would be their fifth special move. It’s kind of dumb now that I think about it, especially since I’m sure plenty of people still call them that :lol:

Fuck, my brain.

Did you know that in Japan they call street fighter “sutoriito faitaa,” or for short “suto” because they don’t understand english or how to properly shorten words.

whats seimitsu in chinese?


Katutaistelija - Street Fighter
Taistelijoiden Kuningas - King of Fighters
Rautanyrkki - Tekken
Peli - Game
Pelikone - Arcade machine
Pelihalli - Arcade
Ilotikku - Joystick (:rofl:)
Nappi / Nappula - Button
Diktaattori - Dictator
Kynsi - Claw
Nyrkkeilij - Boxer

I think it was called that due to AOF 1. Just think about it: Ryo and Robert each had 4 special moves (projectile, uppercut, Hien Shippu Kyaku, multi-hit thingy), with the super being the “fifth”, hence, “quinto”.

I’m not exactly sure. From what I can tell, I think it’s ??? (q?ngshu? j?ngm). ?? in Japanese is pronounced Seimitsu, but Chinese people generally seem to refer to ??. I’m not sure if either means the company name, the stick specifically, or what.

hahaha that made me laugh at sutoriito faitaa, its just like saying it with a japanese accent…


Where will you be studying in China? I’m living in Beijing if you want any advice on where to go.

I’ll be at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou. You may remember me mentioning this in the Shanghai thread. My program is sending me off to Beijing in two weeks, but they’ll probably make me do so many things and see so many places that I’ll have no free will of my own at the time. Hit me up on MSN or something if you have any good advice for me though (like packing =p).

Other Mandarin Chinese:

Street Fighter is also known as Kuai Da Xuan Feng (especially in Taiwan, not sure about HK or Singa)
Dictator is also known as Jiang Jun (Literal: the General)
Claw is also known as Ren Zhe (Literal: the Ninja :rofl: )

??? (“atari hantei”) - Literally “hit judgment”, refers to hitboxes and such associated things. You’ll see this in reference to all sorts of games, not just fighters.

lol i am still using the word judgement in terms of priority check, guess that’s old school.

How do you say “Choke on my Guile” in Japanese?

ore no Guile ni musekaere

Choke on my Guile.

i love that in japanese games.

press start and options all have ones like that.
(something like’ opashun’)

My friend over here in Holland calls dictator “the chauffeur.” because well, he looks like a limo driver.

edit another guy calls him dicktaker.