Fighting game tournament payouts


I posted this on my local FG scene’s Facebook and was hoping to see what you guys though:

**Hey guys I had this idea and was wondering what you guys think.

I know that in the marvel scene; the tournament numbers have been decreasing a lot in the past few months. I think a big reason is due to people not entering because they think they don’t have any shot of getting into the money and see it as a guaranteed loss of money (even though its valuable experience). At the previous VSB underdogs there was 15 entrants for marvel and I think the last overture there was only 5? There are a lot of players but they don’t want to enter.

I know that 70/20/10 is the standard fighting game payout but it doesn’t help the venue organizer or the players if its preventing more people from coming and entering. The goal is to have the biggest tournaments possible to increase total venue and get more hype!

I was thinking 40/20/10/10/10/10 for 1st through 6th would be ideal provided there was at least 10 entrants. 70% at 10 entrants is $70 while 40% at 16 entrants is $64 which is pretty much the same while giving a lot more players a shot of being in the money, and having a much better venue fee. Someone just needs to bring a bunch of change :slight_smile:

Let me know if you guys think this is a good or bad idea?**


Lose the tournament match, bait the winner into a money match after


I find that the biggest problem of why people don’t enter, is that the environment isn’t conducive to having fun, or learning the game. Many players show up, lose their matches, MAYBE they’ll stick around and watch, and then go home. Not much motivation to keep on coming back week after week. You should consider getting to know the fellow players, talking it out, giving them advice, complimenting them, etc etc. Interact with them in order to include them into the scene, and they’ll soon realise that offline events is much more than just playing the games.

Of course, another issue is the fact that so many new games are coming out. People are having to choose which games they want to focus on, and P4A, TTT2, DoA5, are all getting a lot of spotlight and attention right now.

Another possibility, is doing a round robin tournament, or having a pools tournament. Round robin gives them the most playtime for their money, in order to measure themselves against eveyrone int he tournament. This is a more accurate way of determine who the best layer is, by comparing how well he does against all of the other entrants. In a pools tournament, you could have separate “newbies” and “experts” pools, in order to better match the skill level of your players to one another. People are motivated to level up and improve their game when they go up against players similar to their skill level, so they have a better idea of what to work on, and not feel so overwhelmed. The winner of the newbie pool gets sent up to the expert pool, while the expert pool losers get sent down the following week.

Also consider the cost of entry. Most people aren’t willing to spend more than $10 on entry fee for a weekly tournament. You might want to consider loewring your prices in order to encourage people to come. $5 seems to be the sweet spot. Anything less than $5 isn’t worth the effort for both the top players and the TO.


Do you really think its the guys who are just barely missing out on the money who are dropping out? Seems to me its more likely dudes who never got close to money in the first place.


anyone who uses that reason to not enter is a bitch


If people need an external reward of money and fame to play UMVC3, then they don’t really like playing UMVC3 all that much. Try organizing an event with casuals and a no prize tournament, and only charge a venue fee and see how many people really give a shit about this game.