Fighting Game Tournaments Need to Evolve

Fighting games need a way to make the scene more viable for more players. They need to create additional brackets with different rules. They need to make some of the larger tournaments unique and not all follow the same old BS. Some of my suggestions are to create a branch that requires you to have some skill with an entire games roster. This would involve the characters you get and the stages you play on being random. It could go as far as getting random characters and stages every match you play. They could also create a branch where players get to ban a certain number of characters, similar to DOTA or League of Legends tournament games. Tournaments really need to expand on ideas on how tournaments are played and try new things. I personally get sick of seeing the same damn characters every match, it just gets stale. It would allow more players to win tournaments and we would see entire rosters in games being played. We would also see new strategies popping up with all characters instead of the supposed “best”.

It shouldn’t be about just finding whatever fighting game character has the best frame rate, lag compensation, and just repeat the same stale combos they’ve been taught in a match. There’s no skill involved at all anymore, it’s just theorycraft and play whatever overpowered character the community finds. It’s time for new ideas to come up. You can keep a part of the tournament using the old system but organizers should try to innovate.

Flame Shield Activated

No person using a good character has skill.
Half of these ideas would kill a tournament

Random character select? Especially in a game with a big roster like Tekken Tag Tournament 2? Banning characters? I can understand the banning of console-exclusive characters, but still NO THANK YOU!

Don’t want to be mean, but this sounds like something from the Scrubquotes thread.

Either you are a really bad troll, or just really ignorant. Play the genre in tournaments for 3 years before you open your next thread please.

Yes, random

I’m not saying have an entire tournament use this but create another branch. You would have multiple champions for the same game but they played it completely differently, similar to the Olympics where you have a winner for 100 M dash and then a decathlon winner for someone who wants to excel at every event. If some people want to focus on 1 or 2 characters fine but for the people who want to actually play a full roster this would be viable. That’s where I believe fighting games go wrong and why the community doesn’t grow to larger numbers.

Yes, games like DoTA and LoL have 100+ characters to learn and if a game is viable to learn over years I see no problem with this.

Let me play the role of Captain Obvious. LoL and DoTA are NOT Fighting Games. That’s like comparing apples and oranges.

Also, Random Select is only good for Joke tournaments. This will not pass in a tournament where money is on the line.

And why put Quantity over Quality? If I want to go to a tournament, why should I spend time learning 40+ characters when I’m going to get a random character anyway?

With your suggestions it won’t be like the Olympics but like the Special Olympics…

Can’t say I agree w/ any of those statements… Maybe the creation of more side tournaments or “special events.” Yeah, that’d be pretty fun. I actually played in a tournament recently that involved 4 different games. Tested expertise and adaptation… But to the OP, your point is?

Also, the US needs more Danisen leagues.

Sorry if you don’t know what a decathlon is but here you go

Are you fucking kidding me?
The FGC has NEVER been as accessible as it has been in the last 5 years. The fuck are you smoking, scrub?

My point is that fighting games are highly popular but with the way the FGC reacts to change or the idea of something different is sad. I know tons of people who enjoy fighting games who are casual or not and they find watching the exact same shit happen over and over to become repetitive and boring. This would allow diversity to emerge, instead of people being drawn to the same OP characters and allow viewers to experience new ideas being created for a full roster.

I also agree on the Danisen league suggestion.

Okay. How would you do this in SSF4AE for example? Are you suggesting having tournaments for the best grappler/zoning/rushdown players? How the hell are you going to implement this in a Video Game? Wouldn’t this make tournaments go on for too long? Have you EVER been in or at least watched a tournament?

I was using it as an example to try and say that decathlon athlete specialize in multiple events similar to how people could specialize with multiple characters in a random system. A person who specializes in 1 or 2 characters is similar to a 100m/400m dash athlete.

People playing the overpowered characters causes the meta of a game to evolve from people discovering tech on how to beat said overpowered characters and the people who play them. Remember when Wesker or Sentinel were overpowered? Probably not seeing as you joined 3 months ago. If people doing the exact same thing over and over again is boring to you, then figure out how to beat it or go away. Frankly I’d rather not see the community get bigger or “evolve” if it means watering down the tension, pressure, drive, and will overpowered characters create.

And another thing, I don’t have fun playing every character in the roster. I have fun playing the 2, 3, maybe 4 or 5 characters in a roster that I really love and as far as I’m concerned everyone else sucks. Forcing people to play everyone would push out old players as much as it would bring in new players, and that’s not something I’d like to see happen.

If it ain’t broke, why fix it? Also, why are you contradicting yourself? You said that FGs needs to be more accessible, but now you say that they’re popular.

Okay, but many events have tournaments for multiple games. At the end of an event you get a winner for TTT2, a winner for SSF4AE, a winner for UMvC3, etc.

Sure it is but with players continuing to act with your behavior it will continue to be tainted.

You don’t understand how fighting games work. Don’t take this as an insult; if you keep playing and getting better in a few years you’ll realize that all the stuff you mention here would not go well with fighting game tournaments.

What kind of dumb shit is this?