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Welcome everyone to New Mugen Order(NMO). In this website we will introduce new mugen characters, possible updates and WIPs. All progress is keep in the forums in its respective post. We will post videos from time to time in either the alexlexus show or video category. We would also like to welcome any other mugen creators who would like to show their characters to the community. Thank you visiting and please bring more people to our website

In NMO, we are a friendly community that does not tolerate hurtful comments but constructive feedback that would actually help. If you have any concerns, please leave it in the guestbook for all others to see and not in the forums. We would also like you to introduce yourself so we as a community could have a stronger bond of trust. Thank you



hi alex, what made you think posting here was a good idea



here is CvS2 W2.8 display

c00l1357 you dont think it’s a good idea for NMO to post?


That actually looks pretty good.


some of that mugen stuff actually looks decent


If it wasn’t long and awkward to assemble and install I’d play that new cvs game for sure


I kinda wanna try that CvS W joint but idk if I have the patience to even try to get it running

Edit: I took the time to download everything like the sucker I am. I will say its better than expected. I haven’t played much mugen but its all been trash. This game was surprisingly fun. Great presentation, good roster, and other than a few OP chars and EX grooves, its rather good. The only problem, and I’m assuming its a limitation in the mugen engine, is that you don’t have to link anything. You can just cancel everything so combos are ridiculously easy and can practically be mashed. I can easily say its the best mugen i’ve ever played, not that that’s saying much though.


I am getting permission to make a download for it on the nmo web site.


I’ve never played any version of mugen that functioned even close to properly. It always seems choppy, thrown together, way too easy to mash whatever the fuck combo you please, broken characters out the ass, or doesn’t recognize inputs worth a fuck. Sometimes all of the above. A lot of the concepts seem awesome when you read them and the concept of mugen in general seems fun but I’ve never had a minute of fun playing it except for Tom Hanks


sorry to hear that but to prove that mugen can infact work really well i will show you a mugen location test.


this is proof that mugen can be awsome. and is

also those mugen characters you might have seen are made by people who didnt know what they were doing.


It would be cool if people actually made their own games with mugen


original character do not steal


you guys should pick up some capture equipment to do this better.


Wasn’t there a Mugen that was basically 3s with more characters? If so I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot if you mugen folks could point me in the direction to find it. I currently don’t like mugen very much but would be willing to at least give that one a shot. I’d love to see a decently playable version of mugen because I always thought it could have potential but have just yet to see it work properly.