Fighting game video channels


Wanted to make a thread so we can share interesting Youtube or other streaming services channels focused on fighting games. I know only a few, so please post ones you like. Bonus points for good channels for less popular games.

Here are the ones I know of:

Gato ray - General KOF channel. Reposts streams, match videos, etc.

Goldenrody - Regularly posts lots of Guilty Gear match videos of great quality.

taktak1893 - Lots of Tekken match vids.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo - Self explanatory. Tons of ST tournament footage, danisens and such.

RB1Ukyo - Real Bout 1 casuals and tournaments. The best level of play I’ve seen in this game, from the I’m not boy Fatal Fury community. It’s a really fun game to watch. He also uploads Last Blade 1 match videos.

Linnesaka - Focused on Real Bout 2. Match videos and info.

GAMEacho and a-cho Battle Movie - Channels for the famous Japanese game center. Variety of games from Blazblue or Hokuto no Ken to USF4 and Melty. Occasionally some non-fighting game stuff (like CAVE/Raizing shooters) gets posted, too.

Mikado - Official channel for this legendary arcade. Large variety of new and old games. Level of lesser know games is not always optimal but titles like SFEX have some really cool matches.

Adakiadakino - Quality combo videos and bugs for lots of obscure or not so popular games. From Last Blade 2 and Yatagarasu to versus mode in Adventure of Little Ralph.

Ars Magna - Miscelaneous content, combo vids, match vids, playthroughs, etc. Emphasis on older and lesser known games. Great Groove on Fight matches for example.


Someone made a huge list of fighting game-related YT channels a few years ago: Ultimate List of youtube Fighting Game channels


Oh sorry I didn’t see that one. Disregard this then.


Here are some fighting game channels that I’ve subscribed to:

[details=Spoiler]- [3S] 3rd Strike:

I have more, if you guys are interested… blushes



This link sends me to a MeltyBlood channel:

[SF2] Mnemosyne32:



Thanks for the heads up, Weeaboo.


Lol, my channel is on that list.
Some of the channels on the huge list are defunct or inactive.
Plus there are new channels that spawned with games like Dengeki.
I will see my suscription list with some of those new channels.


AbelcruEX: (mostly airdashers)
godsgarden1: (tons of games)
ゲーム動画 aoijun: (general gaming, but it also has stuff about fighting games)
GamesBK: (tournament repository)
AvylonTV: (Pokken, Soul Calibur V and others)
Khaos Gaming: (Tournament footage)
jourdal: (mostly airdashers)
Kouhatsu: (Kouhatsu arcade center channel, expect everything from them)
高田馬場ゲーセンミカド : (another arcade center channel)
Dragonhawk: (tournament footage)
MechaGS: (mostly airdashers)
CanadianJoysticks: (Canadian fighting game channel)
XusesGB: (Mostly SFV)
ファンタジスタ岡山: (Arcade center channel)
kokubunji: (my facebook community channel)
Poccola_margherita0141: (mostly airdashers, and sometimes panty shots)
SMOAI2010: (mostly kof)
和白ジーカム: (arcade center channel)
CHECK: (mostly mortal kombat)
Fahadouken: (expect a lot of everything)
BahamianKing100: (fightcade replays channel)
Game Fighter: (tournament footage)
Kagecchi Uri: (a lot of everything)
NWEpic: (a lot of casual play of various games)
じょにお: (GG )
ahmz1404: (practical combo guides for SFV and MKX)
Grand Final: (tournament footage)
aoilena: (a lot of GG)
Aozaki Kyo: (another channel from my FB community page)
canon5311: (Mostly Examu games)
ClearLive!: (mostly French Bread games)
FunkP: (tournament footage)
gaburasu: (arcade stream channel)
HagaishiTv: (a lot of everything)
hitconfirm: (mostly airdashers)
Jyosua: (mostly airdashers)
MBA GAMING: (various)
MrTSUTAYA: (arcade? channel)

This are some of the channels that i am suscribed


My channel is stil up and running (link on sig), sadly randomly updated because of many things. Mostly ALL MK games (more of UMK3), some Capcom stuff and random stuff like Primal Rage, TMNT TF, etc

Planning an overhauling some day.


I want to see those MKT combos that literally break the CD!