Fighting game website suggestions?

I’m thinking about starting a fighting game website and I was wondering: What would you guys like to see specifically?

I’m interested in high quality, advanced tutorial videos that have some slow-motion and on-screen text for guidance.

Oh, and the videos should not have bad music. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have massive time and web skills, a MvC2 site that goes into details for all of the top tier teams would be pretty popular. Having pictures and videos for all combos would be great, especially if mvc2 online turns out to be decent.

You’d have quite a lot of traffic coming in if you pull it off. The game is so deep, though, and to make some of the concepts understandable to a layman… that’s where the difficulty lies. Check out Magnetro’s Variable Atmosphere videos on Youtube for examples of good videos with solid instruction and visuals. This is why a lot of people will say, ‘You can understand the game better by just playing it over and over again, because specific situations can’t be written out on paper.’ They can be ‘written out’ in video, but it takes a LOT of time.

If you’re making a general fighting game site, MvC2 could be one of many games to put on there as a subsection.

It would be nice if you showed me how to do that TK YZN FRC that Maruken always does. Would love to see someone’s hands when doing that.

So tutorials is a big thing. What else would you guys like to see?

Female characters hentai gallery…

With rankings, stats, discussions about possible/probable sexual behaviours, Cosplay porn with vids!

(Who cares about the tutorials, and technical sections… we already have SRK for that!)

A little bit of research about the history of certain scenes would be nice. A good history of the SF competitive scene in America would probably draw a lot of interest, especially to new players. Like Socal vs. Norcal, East vs West, Japan vs. USA, and the history of the SE or midwest scenes. I know a lot of OGs in the SE scene are very willing to share stories and history.

yeah, a part of your website dedicate to history and interviews would be a must to make you standout. gonna take a lot of work and research though.