Fighting gamers: Please let me interview you!

Hey there. My name’s Todd Harper and I’m a PhD student at Ohio University in Media Arts/Studies. I primarily study video games and I’m currently doing my doctoral dissertation on fighting game players and fighting game communities, among other things. You may have seen me at EVO 2009 (big dorky guy taking a lot of notes).

As I posted last September, part of my work is looking at how gamers feel about how the rules of games and how games can/should be played. The idea is to see how people express themselves by playing games and to better understand how that fits into players’ lives. As part of that study I’ve been interviewing fighting game fans from places like SRK and 8WayRun, among others, about the kinds of games they like, the characters they play, and how they got involved in the community.

If you’re interested in being interviewed, I’d love to talk to you about those topics! The interviews are mostly done by VoIP like Skype or Ventrilo, as well as by everyday normal phone or cell phone (I call you so no worries about long distance charges, etc.) and should take about an hour. Your feedback and your name will stay confidential (unless you specify otherwise, which is fine too).

The only requirements are that you be a regular fan/player of fighting games, and that you be 18 or over.

Recruiting people has been a bit of a challenge, so the University has approved bonus for people who help out: a 2000 Wii point card, a 1600-point XBox Live Marketplace card, or a $20 Playstation Network card (all of these are $20 in value) will be sent to you once the study is done to an address you specify (which won’t be kept).

If you’d like to be interviewed, or have any questions about the topics that I would be covering or the study in general, please email me at Thanks muchly for your time!

(This research has been approved by the Ohio University Institutional Review Board)

Help the man out people, it’s for SCIENCE