Fighting Games; A dying genre?


I didn’t make this post to criticize the fighting game genre or community. I just made this post due to the fact that I wanted to see your guys’s opinions of this genre. I’m a high school student, and I can guarantee you my friends either 1. Don’t give a crap about the fighting game genre 2. Think it sucks
3. OMFG LEAGUE <3 4. There’s like one person I know who likes Soul Caliber. Out of the whole 9th grade I talk to and know.

I don’t know whether I’m being retarded or am asking a reasonable question to you guys, but I would really like it if you guys answered the poll.


You’re being retarded.

Thanks for generalizing though!


(Y) horray for me


All the companies read this thread and decided to stop making fighting games as soon as they heard your friends don’t like them.
RIP fighting games. 1984-2012.


I dont think the community will ever die completely, as long as there is some kind of gathering where people play competitive that’s enough for me.