Fighting Games added to Warpprism (New Warpprism Moblie for Androids)

New for Android phones with the newest version of flash (Suck it Iphone!):

swipe left/right - switch streams
swipe up/down- change channels

note- some streaming service does not work for warpprism mobile

Original: is a site to watch streams with a nice layout and easy controls. You can see how many people on other streams by using the list or the bottom tool bar.

A D - Change channels
W S - Volume
C - Enable Chat
Q - Change Quality

The site was meant for sc2 which is why it has that layout.

Comic on how warpprism got started:

Edit: To enable picture in picture or Pip pick one stream to watch hit G and and then Hit E to switch streams and then pick another stream to watch. Hitting G again will hide the Pip box and will show the same stream again if you hit G again. Also the Pip box is resizeable and movable.

This is a great feature to watch CEO and revelations at the same time because you can switch between streams with just a push of a button.

Also Warpprism contest:

Nice that they added FGs. I don’t know how much it’ll help me personally as I only watch big events once in a while and those are usually posted on SRK.

No one in the FG community streams regularly? People should take advantage of JTV partnership deal. There are a few people in Starcraft who do nothing but stream and live off the income the partnership deal provides. I think you get .02 cents for every commercial viewed.

This is really really cool. hah.

I like this a lot!

Try using warpprism for this weekend when there are 2 good streams going.

Picture in picture is a great service



updated op with warpprism mobile

Ressurecting to post this:

Apparently Warprism is somewhat more shady than most would believe.