Fighting Games and Arcades alive and well in Mexico City


Not sure if this will be of interest to many, but I just got back from a vacation in Mexico City and was surprised at what I found.

Not only were there several arcades in the area I was staying in (Zona Rosa/Insurgentes/Chapultepec/Balderas) but they were dominated by fighting games.

At the arcade closest to our hotel, which was right off the Insurgentes metro stop, there were about 15 cabinets for fighting games. The game of choice was the KoF series. At least seven cabinets were different KoF flavors, going back to '97! The rest were the usual capcom fighters, including an old school Champion Edition. DDR style games seem to be popular, too.

Tokens were 2 pesos and the exchange rate is about 10.7 pesos to the dollar. So each game cost 18 - 19 cents.

Why all the arcades? I got a couple clues.

First, internet cafes are everywhere, and really cheap - like 6 - 8 pesos per hour. My guess is not many residents have in-home internet, or the quality is poor. No in-home internet = no online multiplay competition.

Second, I checked prices on console gear there and it’s pretty pricey. I didn’t look in the poorer sections of town (we were in a mid-to-upper class area) but basically prices were about 20 - 30% more across the board. So fork over $80 US for one console game (after the cost of the console, of course) or pay 2 pesos for instant action. That’s sort of the proposition there. And this is in a place where you can buy a nice leather coat for a hundred bucks. In other words, 80 bucks there is a lot more for most of those folks than it is for most people here.

Anyway, we had lots to see and do so I didn’t spend much time in the arcades but it was cool happening upon a scene I never would have thought existed.


yeah man, arcades in Mexico are still waaay popular. Even in poor rural villages there’s likely to be a few arcades.


Yeah man I believe this because I spend a lot of time in Juarez Mexico and yeah arcades are still the way to go…serious…many will spend ALL day just playing KOF2002 at the arcades…its GREAT.



Latin America is mostly full of Arcades, here in Chile is the same story, mostly because consoles are really expensive (when the PS3 was released, it cost more than 1.000 dollars, really) and fighting games got a nice community, specially in Third Strike and KOF.

At least we got some good games in Arcade, last month in a local Arcade center arrives Melty Blood Act-Cadenza Ver B2, Accent Core, Soul Calibur III AC and Metal Slug 6.


yeah due you got it right, here in mexico we got arcades everywhere and KOF Dominates, main reason like you mentioned is the average person cannot really afford to buy home consoles as the prices as really jacked up. Or they just never heard of them or care enough.

I mean come on now how much does a ps2 in US cost $ 150 USD
here in mexico all the local stores sell that same ps2 for $300 USD WTF!! indeed

i wont even mention the price of the ps3 or xbox 360 cause its really sickecning and makes me want to punch someone in the face i mean who the hell in their right mind want to pay 1000 dollars for 20 gig ps3:annoy::annoy:


hah cant wait to go to mexico. i wonder if there are some near guerrero


Actually the price in the US for a PS2 is closer to $100 USD now. So you guys are getting REALLY cheated :confused:


Shiki nothing new there…believe it or not in Mexico COLOGNES COST MORE THAN IN THE US.

Not surprised…a $45 cologne of Hugo cost me $70 in Juarez…

But I needed it…I was going to town with the ladies that night…



:sad: sucks to know that man, i paid more than 300 dollars for a ps2 slim:annoy: 5 months ago:annoy:

anyways, guys trust me when i tell you there is an arcade cabinet at almost EVERY CORNER :rofl::sweat: seriusly you will go crazy if your not used to seing so many arcade cabinets everywhere:rofl:


What about ordering consoles from an online (american) store? You should get cheaper prices then…

I guess shipping costs and tariffs would jack up the price though :sweat:.



well these are good news I was thinking of moving to mexico when I got older I hope those arcadesare still there


who would want to live in mexico, mexicans don’t even want to live in mexico

visit probably though


I’m sure Dark Geese can elaborate but I’ve heard that Mexicans are crazy about the SNK games. China too, I’ll bet, if the SBO5 results for KOF’98 are any sign.


Hmm, maybe its a good idea to sell up everything here, take your money down to South America and open up an arcade kitted out with the latest games, and watch em make money.


All of your pesos will mean nothing when you return to your homeland! :rofl:


Maybe, but you’ll have bare competition.

Seriously, in Cardel, near Veracruz, I saw 3 KOF machines OUTSIDE by some shops. That’s right, just plugged in and stood on the dirt outside.

Yeah, it’s all fighting games too. Last time I was there it was all KOF and Marvel, but one of the cool things about all these random arcades is there’s usually one unusual cabinet that gets attention. I’ve had the chance to see mad-good JoJo, Sam Sho 64, Waku Waku, VS2 and other less popular fighters that I’d never see in Europe.

It’s pretty sweet thinking back that whenever I was at a random mall, ANYWHERE in Mexico, there’d be some unit that had a wall just lined up with non-stop KOF games. Then there’d be a few Virtua Striker machines, then the rest Capcom and random old stuff. Good times.

Best thing about Mexican arcades = godly exchange rate. I got good at MVC1 by playing on cabinets that were literally costing me about 2 cents a credit.


Sounds amazing, I’d love to be able to just play random fighters against lots of other people. People are far too picky here.

Person 1: "Wanna play some Kof?"
Person 2: "Only if its 2k2 or XI"
Person 1: "But we only have 97 and 2000 here"
Person 2: “Not worth it then”


LULZ. So true.


Yes they are crazy in 2k2…when I first went there for the Mexican National tournament I could say at least that the way Mexicans play KOF2002 is like 20x faster than how we Americans play it…

Also they are godlike in KOFXI also…

Now though I feel I can match up to many of them in KOFXI due to me playing there sooo much now…

I know how they play Duo Lon there and have incorporated it into how I play…

Also meeting and seeing Esteban play Angel in person is a sight to see…

Every where you go the KOF2002 comp is fierce in Mexico…make no mistake about it…

and everywhere there is always at least a good 20 or so that know how to play KOFXI very very well also.

They also know about KOF NeoWave plus how to play 98 and the other KOFs like 99 etc…

They are very good at the KOFs…and in Juarez Kane9998 is a beast in Garou MOTW.


Nope, the main reason is the fact that Neo Geo carts are easy to bootleg.