Fighting Games AREN'T BROKEN, people just like saying BROKEN

Fighting Games AREN’T BROKEN, people just like saying BROKEN…

It’s hilarious how so many people like to drop words like “Broken” and “Scrub” and “Noob” to try to be cool because they hear other people saying it.

For one thing, some genius a long time ago in a galaxy far far away decided that it’s ANYTHING GOES in fighting games (except Akuma in Super Turbo, try to figure that one out). So if you can do whatever the hell you want no matter how cheap, then the game can’t be broken.

Second, if one is broken then they all have to be. It’s funny how people just get used to shit in certain games and somehow it goes from being “Broken” to being “Deep.” Then you have other games that aren’t super popular and everyone immediately says they are “Broken.”

It kind of reminds me of that old guy in Road House that says,

"The place here has a sign hangin’ over the urinal that says, “Don’t eat the big white mint”.

People like using the word cheap too but i don’t bitch.Alot of people who say cheap,broken,noob ect. Lose alot. Well from what i’ve experienced when playing fighters at school.

I swear this guy tokes up some seriously radioactive weed before every post.

I am up to any challenge…you will rarely if ever hear the words broken come out of mouth…I enjoy looking for solutions to problems.

But yeah some people lose a lot…and give up, and use that as an excuse…

Thats the truth. But not everyone.

Sounds like someone’s pissed because they spent their year practicing for SvC: Chaos expecting it to be at EVO.

And some people just don’t understood the evolution of words and slang. These are the people who take the term “broken” literally and mock others for its usage. I refer to them affectionately and collectively as fucktards.

Look! There’s one now!

Yes, you got me. I guess I will have to play Super Smash Brothers instead…

dude don’t worry about it.Keep playing any game you want.Every fighting game has flaws.Super Smash Bros has things in it that can be called broken or cheap.Who gives a shit.It’s an amazing game.I was told the other day when I was playing 3s that I only win becuase I Button Mash.Well if that’s true the person I was playing would have to be extremely ass.People only bitch about brokeness when they lose.I for one always lose at DOA.So i call the combo system broken.But I don’t complain to other fighters.I continue to play the game and take my losses.It’s still fun.

In some or most fighting games, there are actually some elements that people consider broken. Granted, people say such words just because they can, but there can be certain aspects in games that people will classify them as broken.

And what are you trying to accomplish by posting this topic? And some of your points don’t make sense.

Some people like pretending they know what they’re talking about, when clearly they haven’t got a fucking clue…

It’s funny how some people like pretending they know what…

… damn, he stole what I was going to say

It’s funny how you typed a whole block of text that said absolutely nothing.

:rofl::rofl::rofl: @ the last 3 responses!

Cable’s AHVB x 3 is broken. Whenever my peeps and I use that term, we use it to describe something that is insanely powerful. No one bitches about it.

Okay, while I don’t disagree with your original point, I feel I need to explain where the phrase “broken” comes from.

It’s actually a game developer term for what the beta testers do. They “break” the game open (by playing it), find all the glitches and other stuff that could detract from the experience and report it to the develops. Then the game is “broken”.

It’s gotten misused, like other terms, but that’s kind of it in a nutshell. Sirlin would know more about it.

And opposing anonymous beliefs in order to stand out as ‘cool’ doesn’t fit well either. That isn’t individuality, that’s just you looking for attention in an arrogant and stupid manner.

My arcade stick is “broken” and no one is bitching about it (aside from me)

Broken means, as FallingEdge said, things that are extremely powerful. Even moreso, things that are powerful and easy to do. That’s all it means. I guess someone told you wrong.

Join the club buddy. :sad:

We know meoth We know.j\k Anyway i’m pretty sure the majority knew what it meant.FigtherGuy just likes complaining!

Training mode is broken

therefore ARCANA HEART iz the broken arcade game ever