Fighting games as beverages


street fighter 2 (et al): Single Malt Scotch. Aged, requires good taste to get the most out of it.

Marvel v Capcom 3: A bottle of cheap champagne. Bubbly, easy to drink, get sick of it after a while.

Street Fighter 4: Gin and tonic. An instant success, but some people can’t wrap their head around the taste of juniper in their drink.

Mortal Kombat: Box wine. When you need to get drunk and you don’t care if it looks a little gross, and tastes like wine you drink out of a box.

help me out.:wtf:


Box wine actually tastes pretty decent if you don’t know it’s box wine when you’re drinking it.


Well if you hadn’t gone and done Mortal Kombat already, I would have said:

MK9 - 4Loko for Australia.


mvc3: gasoline


Any loli fighter - Virgin daiquiri


sf4 - 1 shot of beer


Brawl: Cranberry juice

3s: whiskey, can’t be handled by everybody

cvs2: patron, it will have you rolling on the floor in no time.




SSFIV: Prune Juice

Brawl: grapefruit juice


mvc2: 4 loko, or a really really really really caffeinated coffee


Arbor Mist.


game I like: drink I like
game I don’t like: drink I look down upon





This reminded me of every time i tried a power hour and failed. My stomach can’t handle all of that beer.

I am a loli fighter kinda guy my self. Tic Tacs fo sho.