Fighting Games as food


SF: meaty, rich, makes you feel satisfied, always look forward to it
MvC: this one is obvious
Guilty Gear: highly complex, very few get to experience it
Blaz Blue: simplistic crap, anyone can get it easily
Tekken: high quality, makes you very satisfied, a treat to enjoy, people hate on it because they jelly
Virtua Fighter: plain, barebones, no one wants it except snobby people who think claiming they eat tofu makes them superior
Mortal Kombat: low class, tons of people enjoy it, tastes great at first but you get sick of it fast, not satisfying
Arcana Heart: no explanation required
Super Smash Bros.: tastes great but adults who want something of substance won’t eat this crap or take it seriously as a source of nutrition


cool, a racist joke!

i’m gonna report you now and get your ass banned!


No, please, explain.

(you’re prolly gonna get an infraction anyway, but I wanna see what you actually come up with)


Hahaha I laughed


you forgot this one


lol at one of the most intricate and nuanced games out there being barebones.


Well, the entire cast is pretty much underaged girls, and well no one wants to be seen as a pedo playing that game…


I still have the thread on /v/ in one of my browser’s tab.

Yeah I open a lot of tabs.


better warn all those sakura and ibuki players

and anyone that played cvs2/sfa cammy

and tron players in marvel

I mean this is such a solid means of finding pedos that we should be on the lookout in other games right