Fighting Games At E3 2014


NOt having a tournament sceene does not mean casual interest wasn’t there for Bloody Roar which it had a ton of.


Things people on SRK say and dont really support with real proof.

I know my join date is 6 years ago but I had another name 13 years ago when I was a kid. There was no talk of that game on this forum lmao. If its a fighting game and doesnt have a tournament scene what is the tournament scene all of a sudden begging for a new game for? KONAMI owns the rights…who wants a fighting game with them behind it? This doesnt even make sense, I’m convinced that some of you guys like to argue for the sake of arguments.

So make believe that theres this underground cult that wants BR the same way everyone went out and got Xbones to play Killer Instinct.


^Try hard troll confirmed

Anywho, MK X poster


So Goldberg is gonna be in the next MK game?


Just because you dont like my post doesnt mean I’m trolling. I dont give a crap about you agreeing dude thats the beauty of freedom of speech. I said how I felt and you missed the opportunity to show me where Bloody Roar was discussed in detail on this forum for the last 13 years and how a Komani fighting game is a good thing, neither of which you provided and further confirming how Bloody Roar is going to do nothing for the FGC other than give you a nostalgic hard on.

Respond or ignore. Or dislike my posts like a chump who doesnt know how to have a discussion with someone who disagrees with them.


Happy? now fuck off.


NRS games are like my guilty pleasure, their fundamentals are pretty shitty but i still love those games lol.


Yes it is trolling, you keep bashing the game and making it seem as if the game shouldn’t return just because it wasn’t the biggest game ever, and even then the game was big at it time and many people want it to return. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it should return. Also the game was in many tournies so Idk what the hell you’re talking about. You’re acting like a ignorant brat now.


Japan had Bloody Roar tournies. We all know how irrelevant Japan is to the FGC


Shut up weaboo


I can easily find Street Fighter the Movie tournament footage from japan conclusion Large Apples.


Im waiting for Namco to announce a new FG project(I’ll pray for that Shinning Series Fighter to get localized as well), It will be interesting to see what a 8th generation MK game will look like…how far will new Fatalities go? That and Xrd being shown(maybe playable) to people outside of Japan is it’s own hype.

See what Capcom shows also can be a game changer, a SF4-like announcement trailer(for any of their currently established IP’s) would be rather amazing and will have SRK and NeoGAF talking about it until next year with zero gameplay shown and speculation out the wazoo.


The only games that don’t have tournaments in japan are the utterly unplayable ones


It’s why Japan rules. You can find competition and tournaments for most games, old and new. Players there can play whatever their favorite games are, whereas in the US there are only a few games if u want to do tournaments and have a lot of competition.


Well thanks for saying it for me.

posts the link to a 1 page bloody roar discussion

uses it as support of a bloody roar community


Mortal Kombat 10 semi confirmed


"three days eight am to be precise"


Just wanna make a cameo in this thread to say the beauty of freedom of speech is not going to jail for saying something, not reveling in people disagreeing with you or not. Freedom of speech has little to do with debate, it’s pretty much being free from state persecution for your words.

I’m not a fan of people tying FoS with opinions and online debates. It’s about the relationship between person and state. That’s all.

E3 in one week woooooooooooooo


Rival Schools, someone make it happen.


So, Capcom their stream schedule showed nothing interesting…possible to still expect any kind of announcement from them? Does Bandai Namco have a schedule? Do games actually get announced at an E3 at the third day?