Fighting games before SF

pretty interesting article about the history of fighters:

now what was that fighter that jean claude played in the kumete movie, bloodsport?

What, no mention of Captain Commando or Final Fight? They did mention other side-scrolling action games, and these two are concievably where the special move/combo system originated from, which would eventually evolve into SFII and everything after it.

Pretty cool little history, tho. I recall some others on the IBM PC, jr. which were in line with Karateka…but I can’t remember the names now, 20+ years later. :pleased:

hehe, these are games before SF1, not sf2.

…as are all the others listed. The point of that “history” of fighting games article was pre-SFII.

My point is that Capcom’s special move and combo system, which was the essence of SFII and everything to come after it, had its roots in those pre-SF Capcom games…and they got no mention. :sad:

karate champ is the game from bloodsport
that shits old school me and my brother use to play that for hours back in the day

First really intro to fighting games that my bro and I had was probably the Vs. Mode to the NES version of Trojan. That was fun stuff.

Yi-Ar Kung Fu, Pit Fighter, and Street Smart were the bomb nizzles.

International Karate owned.

Street Smart (from SNK) was released in 89…

street smart!!! NICE GAME!!

The Flying Dragon/Hiryu no Ken games, particularly Flying Dragon and Flying Warriors for NES. Actually they were side scrolling action in some stages, but one on one fighting was actually hit where the dot is on your opponent. Can’t count Ultimate Fighter since it was after SF2.

Then there was Phantom Fighter for NES. In case y’all didn’t know, it’s based off a movie.

I remember some stupid karate dojo game on the atari where you could only punch and kick.

Don’t forget Kageki too! :tup:

i had this for genesis… .it blew donkey balls…
also had something called blood sport…sucked ass.


frank duex

i remember watching my uncles playing that three player fighting game on one of the old relics

my fav fighting game before street fighter was that fighting game on the nes that was in the street you had to fight eachother and sometimes annoyed people trying to sleep throw stuff from their balcony onto your head

OK found it…
it was called Slaughter Sport… had a bunch of characters to choose from… but man was it fucking lame…
anyone else have this on genesis?
And i had street smart… totally sucked… my mom got it for me thinking it was street fighter…
but slaughter sport was the worst…but here is a fan page for it. :confused:

You guys forgot Barbarian I/II (also known as Deathsword). That was the first semi-intricate fighting game that I can think of. Maybe Budokan.

And I now know where Mondu the Fat got his name. It always sounded vaguely familiar to me.

And thanks for this:


Have you played it recently? I used to think it was alright as a kid. Fired it up a few weeks back, and realised just how shite it was.

Amazing what a decade or so does to your perception of “quality”. :slight_smile:

What aboout Crime Fighters … or Vendetta? The previous was out around the same time as Double Dragon and offered just that little bit more in gameplay for the era, even tho the graphics werent as good.