Fighting Games BG thread [SF2:HD, SFIV, KoFXII, BB, MvC2...etc]

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Since I fail to see a BG’s thread for all games, and d00d made a GG thread for all games; MAYBE a BG thread was needed also?


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BG’s to brooklyn-23 : Runs his mouth the whole match and is just crying about Magneto/Sentinel resets and how everything is cheap and I suck.

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bgs to 50% of the people I played against who rage quit after losing to low tiers.

BG to tallool: by not playing the game at all by leving the controller on auto fire
i had to play him 4 times in a row now:annoy:

BG to Bludika on PSN. He destroyed me with his Carl in BB, which is fine. He was obviously good with him, and I’m still really new to BB and have taken a huge break from fighting games for the last several years (due to all my friends who used to play em losing interest :sad:.)

But he was a complete ass about it over the mic. Kept wailing on about how much I suck, and asked me more than once “Have you ever PLAYED a fighting game??” “Which games have you played?” Then later: “There’s NO WAY you’ve ever played any fighting games if you’re this bad!” Also, he sounded kinda drunk. Either that or he was just slurring his words like mad shrug

Look, I’m not very good. I have no problem admitting that. I wasn’t a MASTER at fighters to begin with, and after such a long break, I’m extremely rusty (especially at a new game). But what’s the point of acting like a jerk about it? I don’t mind losing, and I don’t mind getting pounded by someone who is obviously much better than me. When I (calmly) called him on being an ass, and asked why he felt the need to act that way, he started in with the “Aww, did your feelings get hurt?” routine. :rolleyes:

How is someone going to get better if you just smash them, yell at them for not being good at the game, and then kick them?

he probably went through a terrible time with his family and the divorce which hit him really hard and that is why he is drunk and also doing drugs and being derisive and such, but this is nothing some good legos and gummy worms can’t cure

lool I dont know what to say about that.

Somehow… I doubt it. :rofl:

But you never know!

Holy crap.
What could possibly be the point of doing this? Not like it would help his win/loss ratio, since no one with the ability to push buttons on a video game controller would lose to that… :confused:

Hey… Ummmm that a very high overstatement.

My roommate played that guy tonight, dude got owned first round then beat my friend. The name calling and rude comments wouldn’t end till my roommate just blisted him. The funniest part was he was trying to tell my friend to stop showing off. All the meanwhile over the mic we could hear him trying to tell his friend/s how great he was or whatever.
Needless to say, this guy has some serious problems. Not even all that great a player.

Oh god, Bludika is such a poor sport. I played this guy a long time ago and we were at purple/red ping and there were some lag spikes here and there. All throughout the match he’s just bitching about how I’m a “laggy ass bitch”. He plays a good Carl for sure and during our matches the lag spikes are causing him to drop his combos and I can sympathize with that as it is irritating to lose game winning combos due to lag but I do not fault the other player for the lag as numerous things could be the cause. Anyways, I use Jin and I know the Carl match up to a certain degree so I destroy his Carl by zoning him with 5D and Fubuki’s and eventually get in close and work him with my combos. After destroying his Carl he bitches about how I’m a spammer and continues the laggy ass bitch comments. After 4-5 consecutive wins against his Carl he boots me out. I fully expected hate mail so I fired first with a comment about how lag spikes could be caused by various things and its not entirely the fault of the opponent. I gave him a GG because I acknowledge that he is a good Carl player but commented that his attitude is sour. He responds with “Shut it my connection is superior”. I see the guy create rooms every so often but I absolutely refuse to play this rude person again.

BGs to JackOfNoTrades, pulled when I CH his incredibly predictable spark bolt with Litchi 6B.

He only had 77 disconnects so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Never again :smile:

i just played this person a few matches ago, and noticed he has a 93% win ratio–obviously good with setting up the clap loop etc so instead of playing my main and giving him a serious match in spite of what everyone says here, i just played jin and icecar spammed, needless to say i lost, but not with him getting any perfects because he still got hit by a few of them :<> and i noticed that he seems to mumble stuff and clap during wins, i’m not eve sure why because i’m using a character i don’t even know

so he’s just going to get jin icecar spam everytime i play against him, but i do want him to send messages to me!

Bad Game to billc187 in SFIV

Dont know who this guy is but I played him in a quick rank match. He got a perfect on me in the 1st round then the start of the 2nd round becomes extremly laggy. A few seconds into the match I get “connection with other player lost” Then of course I get a msg that says “bitch” and nothing else. Dude got a perfect on me and HE’s the one who ends up leaving the game and has the nerve to call me a bitch.

So yeah if anyone sees this fool avoid him.

PSN MvC2 (Ranked) Ragequitters of the day:

  • mrsensation
  • NH1031
  • eros_katsu

Bg to death_killZ on BB, he ragequitted just when i was delivering the final daifunka on his D spamming noel

BG to gasa212 on MvC2, rage quit right before was gonna OCV him.

BAD GAME TO XxKindDxX… hes ranked #1 online but i see now its only bcuz he ragequits b4 he gets a loss:lame:

i almost OCVed him and he ragequits me b4 i could snag tha win… i messaged him sayin “LOL YOU MAD??” and he replies “no hahaha, but you are. no win 4 u”

it wuz kinda funny that i made him ragequit but man do i wish i coulda got those points:rolleyes:

oh well XxKindDxX is doo doo strait up:tdown:

BG to mashirito07 on MvC2. Ragequit right before he was gonna get OCV’d.