Fighting Games BG thread [SF2:HD, SFIV, KoFXII, BB, MvC2...etc]

BB: ragequitter of the day
gogetasd > quitted right when my daifunka coneccted

BGs to Mach_Calamity. Rage quitted, after I killed him with an EX Stomp. Honestly it surprised me because I’ve never had a solid player RQ on me before. I sent him a message before that game and was like , last game cuz I gotta go to bed. As soon as I nail him with the stomp though… Unfortunate, I’d have friended him too.

More quitters:
BB: ShAdEd_PaSt < quitted when i almost perfected his ice happy jin
nocandocan < got angry becouse i gardpointed his burst and hit him with 2d

well, since we’re just doing rq’s here

using tager, i faced off against this jin player named darkshinobizx who i beat twice and then the third time i met him he picked nu instead

i think we both get a round in and then at the end of the third round i block one of nu’s C attacks (i’m not sure which one) and turn it into a genesic reversal and then plop disconnect before it even hits

i think the kid was getting frustrated in the various ways i was applying the 720 each match we had D: i’m kind of an asshole with genesic reversals in the same way i was with zangief’s final atomic buster

i’ve had a couple of ragequits recently but this startled me because it was someone using nu against my tager

Bad Fucking Games to SS-DasReich in SF4. I do one match against him with Viper and he messages this to me.

“If you’re gonna play all wild and out of control don’t play me again get the fuck out”

So I leave because I don’t want to play with such a prick and he messages me again with this.

“I hate you fucking cheap ass Japs, you just gotta play cheap, just like Pearl Harbor”

First off I’m not even Japanese second off I don’t see how rushing down is cheap. I made full use of C.Viper’s frame advantage from a hit confirmed TK and tried to frame trap with EX Seismo’s but apparently this is too wild and out of control for him. Apparently, I’m suppose to turtle with C.Viper just absolutely blows my fucking mind with this comment.

Responded to him with “chill the fuck out” and he messages with this.

“shit, look how you played? fuck, dont fucking tell me to chill when you’re playing like a speed freak just mashing buttons”

Gave him a little Viper101 and didn’t hear back from him. Just absolutely astounding and the stupidity of some people.

dire-walrus here, sorry to anyone I played at SFIV last night. I got like two or three games in and they were laggy as shit/had some disconnects, turns out I forgot to turn my torrents off before playing :stuck_out_tongue: BGs, my fault.

Garbage players

Both sgt_smith_ and Revelation_3_4 are TRASH. First they get mad because my sagat is stronger than their Akuma and Ryu. Then they are talking smack on voice chat and I can hear everything they say, spam, cheat, etc. Words to any fighting game player that was bestowed upon me 15yrs ago: IF IT WAS CHEATING IT WOULDN’T BE IN THE GAME. AND IF IT IS CHEATING, ITS IN THE GAME. Then I proceed to pick Vega and rack up wins until they leave. Weak SFIIHD Remix Players…

Wow really? I have him on my friend list, he didn’t seem too bad. Had no idea he dc’d that much :xeye:

I knew I wasn’t the only one that had problem with this guy. I randomly stumbled upon him on “player match” due to boredom since I had 15 minutes to spare. I always want to know what type of player I’m going up against so I pick Rufus to test a persons strength and reactions on different setups/scenarios. Well it turned out, he waited to last second to pick his Character (Vega) and sends me a message saying " GEt the F$#@ out!" Immediately ends up disconnecting… I don’t ever recall playing the game so I check the message and it says that he doesn’t play " Spammers…blah blah blah" I then honestly reply if he doesn’t like competition/high level play. He starts naming characters saying " X is cheap/uses tick throws/spams moves/overpowered/etc." Basically a list of characters he can’t hang with. lol. Start talking trash and I tell him “If they don’t have you thinking when your playing the game, then it’s not high level play” “Come to the arcade once in a while rather than staying at home” I block him for several reasons cause I know he’s trash and his responses tells me enough about him. Couldn’t find a match in those 15 minutes… which is the downsid but one less scrub to worry about in the future. Next time he sends you a message tell him I said hi with the emphasism on “we do high level playing only aka cheap/spam” lol =)

BGs to X_Hadoken_X in SFIV. So, I’m still relatively new to SFIV so i’m trying both ranked and Championship mode just to get games in. Anywho, I come across this guy (me: rufus, him: ryu) and after he wins the match I get this:

“Nice try scrub. Gtfo”

So I reply with, “let’s play some matches.” I figure, hey, it’s practice against a decent Ryu. And he replies,

“Get off my nuts. I’ll be in CE mode if you want to get owned again.”

Of course, he isn’t. By some stupid luck later on in the day, I come across him again. I narrowly lose and he messages with:

“and you wanted to play rematches? get on my level noob. p.s., jump-in more, i heer da pros do eet”

Yeah, 'cause, i mean, who dive kicks as Rufus for pressure, right? Anyhow, steer clear if you don’t want general jackass-ery.

Jumped on HD Remix the last couple of days after not playing for a week or so. Wow, the online community is so depressing. Not even kidding, literally depressing.

First I play some guy on Xbox Live by the name OBAMA OREO, something like that, I am missing the part in the middle of the screen name. But yeah, the match barely starts, i’m Ryu he’s Bison, we go like 1 round and he DC’s. Sends me a voice message saying, “It must suck to know that you’re garbage at this game, and the only thing you can do well is dragon punch with Rai yoo and Ken. You’re garbage dude, garbage.”

Next, I hop on PSN and fucking A!! This guy, SoulBuh81, he doesn’t talk shit, but he has DISCONNECTED ON EVERY MATCH I’VE EVER HAD WITH HIM! No shitting. At least 10+ matches. DC’s everytime. I messaged him saying a Ryu win quote and he just calls me a dork. fine at least he doesn’t cuss me out. But JEEZ, why even play this FUCKING game?

:mad: RWAR! People are retarded.

All of them are notorious rage quitters obama the oreo changed his gamertag its actually someone really familiar called rambo something. And why play hdr on psn when xbl is sooo much better? And stop generalizing, we arent all bad when I had SF4 before I sold it in favor of hdr, I got crazy amounts of hatemail from people, most people I ran into were quite friendly actually for hdr how do you get hatemail but I cant Im somewhat jealous:arazz:. Also watch out for this guy called Dek0r, dont say i didnt warn you if he sends some random hate message for no reason.

Notorious ragequitters? Makes sense.

And come on man, when I say “the online community is depressing” I obviously mean the random jerks/nerd ragers online, not SRK’ers/mature people. Of course there are plenty of friendly people online. But I’m talking about the NOT so friendly ones, hence this thread. :sweat:

And I hop on PSN when I don’t feel like plugging in my arcade stick into my 360/don’t feel like sitting up, because I’d rather play on the PS3 controller than a 360 one! :tup:

i would be glad 2 shake the hand of the one person Kingxx couldnt ragequit in time :rofl::encore::rofl:

BG’s to Namco and T6 online

:rofl: :u:

I wish I had ANY clue about tekken. then Id start noob beasting too. I hear netcode is horrible tho. not even worth trying…

Posted this in the wrong thread.

I generally don’t get too upset with people online but this pissed me off. Reyokies was my opponent and we were playing SFIV.

I highlighted Gen and selected him up to the point where I can choose color so when the timer runs out my color will be picked. I usually do this just to see what people do, if they pick a character right away I select my color and we move on. Reyokies highlighted Sagat and left it for the entire time which is fine, I’m at a disadvantage that I can live with. Right about zero he picks Zangief. So it’s a counter pick but oh well, not un-winnable and counter picks don’t really bother me in IV. I just like to see what people do and this is perhaps an indication of the fight might go.

Fights starts and I win the first round pretty easily. Wall high dive greater than lariat. I get a big lead in the second and back off just screwing around trying different things against Gief. Totally underestimated him and he won. I lost the third round being way too aggressive. Not bad play on his part, I lost fair.

Here’s the part the pisses me off, I get back to the match screen and dude puts up the laugh icon and runs. Seriously? Counter pick, eek out a fucking win, run for the fucking hills and taunt on the way out? Dewd, seriously dick move and I promise you, 1 win does not make you the better player. :lame:

random-ass scrubs running away after winning 1 match IS what online game is all about. thats why you dont “mess around” with gayfighter4 players. just OWN them as much as you can and thats it.

trust me Id know. Ive been dealing with these clowns for a while now…:rofl:

Truth be told I have been known to leave after 1 fight as well. Generally it’s because I fight 30 some odd Ryu’s in a row and I want to fight someone else. But win or lose I have left after 1 fight. I don’t taunt on the way out and if someone wants a rematch I oblige.

It was the combination of the counter pick, laugh and run that got me pissed. You the man Reyokies, way to man up.

SF4 - louie1287

avoid this fgt at all costs.