Fighting Games BG thread [SF2:HD, SFIV, KoFXII, BB, MvC2...etc]

Yep I would agree with this statement. Hopefully the T6 patch makes it a little better than DR. I am not dreaming big, just keeping it real.

I had a similar experience with SS-DasReich. I picked Rose at random, did a slide kick under him and grabbed him. He kicked me and said I can’t play him if I was gonna do cheap s**t like that.

I had a great time last night. Lost to some Ken player named King1ne who is actually really good. Beat Akuma just barely and taunted me a couple of times during the match. Sent him a challenge he took the bait and we went at with Blanka and Ryu. He did the same taunting antics and then got hit with an ultra. Soon as the first player match was over I quit and went to sleep content. So satisfying.

BG Lovecraft13, quit on me after i combo his ass with sakura and than called me a scrub. I ain’t no scrub so 1st to 10 i’ll random select your ass, i know you post here too since you so good.

i have like, between 200 and 300 incompletes myself and only one is a considerable ragequit on my part so that number isn’t always reliable

the ragequit was on purpose to spite a guy who did that on me TWICE–both matches were my tager vs his jin, and both times the rq occurred was–you guessed it, GETB. some guy named eureka_desu, so i don’t play vs him anymore

i’ve also never met jackofnotrades (as far as i remember anyway)

the number 1 guy on psn marvel is an absolute scrub.

0 losses my ass. he knows how to play and hes pretty decent, but if you beat him he ragequits.

he sent me a msg after he quit one time (this has happened twice now)

“all you did was shoot the gun with cable nub”


there’s this guy named darkshinobizx on blazblue, i believe i mentioned him before. if i didn’t, i’m mentioning him now!

he has quit on me twice, which is weird because i remember the first time he did it, he used nu, i was using TAGER, and we already had two matches prior to that where i think i won and he didn’t ragequit those times so i found it odd that he’d do it on the third match

i meet him again, thought i knew his name from somewhere but couldn’t remember so i played him and he chose bang, me litchi. i get my victory and yet, player disconnected

so i send him a message and go “oh that’s where i remember you from”

his messages in response were(subject/content):

“LOL”/“i choose bang to get rape”

i told him he could choose whoever he wanted because there won’t be a third time for him

that was a couple of days ago. today i came up on him again and declined him this time and he sends me “wow” so i send him “wow is right, as i said, there won’t be a third time” and he said “well i hope we never cross paths again” and i said “that would be swell, at least until you learn to take a loss”

so here are his responses(subject/content):
“LOL”/“dude you are weak…all you do is combo in the corner till i can’t move.PLUS, I used bang not my main. why don’t you fight me again…scared?..whats the matter?” (too deep for you :deepdog:)
“plus”/“your ass acts like you never quit before and if you say no…your ass is a lier”

this is all verbatim. he is blocked now

i want to add more to this since my other message was so long

there was a ragna player named chidori_blade1, he had red name with only a few matches but i gave him benefit of the doubt, who quit on me when i put the corner rape on him and he said “i just ther 2 see how long bullshit like that was gonna last”

me: "well that explains the red name"
him: "wow u just did the same thing did u realise that i just stood there"
me: "yep that’s why i did a combo reset after a while
him: "wow do u know y i stood"
me: "no and i don’t care either"
him: "oh funny spammer and i was gonna say u were a good litchi and u won but ur disrespected me"
me: "you disrespected me by wasting my time and giving me yet another incomplete i don’t already need and also calling me out on ‘that bullshit’"
him: “oh well sorry u deserve a rematch and i will use hakumen”

so i get invited to his player room for the rematch that he supposedly owes me and he tells me “wow ur level 83” as if he didn’t read that on the card originally, so i picked bang and beat his hakumen and then he apologized for “talking shit” and added me to his friends list and all was swell, and this message serves to show that not all ragequits have to be handled with terse reactions

I played u twice Hadoolket and me and some other kats was talkin bout u…They was comparing our Litchi’s and what not…We played twice…I won the Litchi mirror but lost to ur Tager and couldn’t fiind u after that…I sent u a msg on PSN…Did u get it…Hit me back for more games…

Online is SRSZ buzinezz … lol

BGs to St3althKiller in SFIV.

It was going fine…me not really caring and going along with Seth until I got fed up with the stupid health weakness (he would just hawk out DPs or slam his hands on jab if I began to put on pressure…and combined with the online timings, shit got annoying I was dying because of this junk) and brought out Gouken. He was desperate to beat me, so he shuffled through all his best characters, eventually finding an easily beaten air fireball > demon flip turtle strat that took me a sec to get used to. I beat him, and just as I win…he ragequits.

I hate people like that.