Fighting games comics

Which other fighting game would you like to see in Udon Comics? Personally, I’d like to read Tekken comics.

SNK comics and eventually a CVS comic but I don’t think it’s going to happen anytime soon, Udon seems to have their hands full right now.

It would be nice if another company picked up the SNK license though.

There was an American Tekken Comic, I think it was a one shot or something.

Actually it was suppose to be ongoing but the people behind the Tekken comic(image) were way to slow with the release dates.
I bought it though for my brother, but when i look in it, it was garbage. I don’t know how bad the first american Sf comic was, but this has to be second.

The second greatest fighting game ever; Mortal Kombat.

Marvel VS. Capcom 2, baby. :smiley:

I’d want to see something that isn’t as well known. Like Red Earth/Warzard. I think the writers would have a little more flexibility with things. Could end up being a better story. Otherwise I’d say Guilty Gear. I think Mortal Kombat had an english comic already. Came out after the first movie. Killer Instinct had one too, they came out about the same time…