Fighting games-Do you prefer 6 buttons or 4?

I dunno about the rest of you but i always thought the 6-button layout of capcom games was a bit much, and hardly ever bothered to use the LP/LK.I rarely saw a need to attack with such weak hits, when playing fighters most of the time i only paid attention to the HP/HK and MP/MK.

Some dislike useing the PS2 gamepad for fighters but i’m comfortable with it.I just map MP/MK/HP/HK to the 4 face buttons. I liked how in MvC2 for the first time they went with a simpler 4-button layout,combineing the Low/Mid attacks.

Well…Do you like 6 buttons or 4?

this is just too much :rofl:

This guy is either a rather well-thought-out troll (well actually a rather shitty troll, but compared to most dumbass troll attempts on this forum it’s decent), or a complete and total scrub.

Ummm no, its a simple question and yeah i’m serious. Most of the time i just don’t even bother with the LP/LK buttons and instead focuse on the other 4.

FP hits more harder than LP. Obviously it is to be better. Do you not see the reasoning of my thoughts!

If you want to be good you’re going to have to use light punch and light kick. Each button has its own purpose. Sometimes jab and short are even some of the most-used buttons, depending on the character. Most people here have their own arcade sticks, so the trigger-issue is a non-issue. When I have to play without my stick on a Dreamcast or XBox pad or something, I generally do what you do, but my game suffers a lot as a result. Stupid touch-sensitive triggers, so useless for fighting games. PS Marvel still has 6 buttons.

i never liked snk games cuz of the 4 button thing… i think its cuz theyre not even linear or something… 6 buttons are cool cuz it adds to the complexcity of the games… if you had a choice of using a weak move against a strong move… why would you pick weak? like samurai showdown… the strong attacks are the only moves i used… haha… even tho i might not be great at the game… but why would you use the weak attack if the strong attack is just as available?!

I prefer 3 buttons. VF style, bitches :nunchuck:

What the fuck are you talking about? You say you prefer 6 buttons but then that you only use the strongest attacks? :confused:

its times like these that make me wonder why i still come to this section.

If a game is well designed, I don’t care about number of buttons.
Or you could say "in medio stat virtus which would make GGXX’s 5 button setup the best :wink:

The only thing I don’t really like is the Neo-Geo default setting with all the buttons in a line, since I’m used to the SF button layout. KOF:NW switching to SF layout

was the best news ever for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t matter to me.

I like the classic Capcom 6 button layout.

Meh, I don’t see anything wrong with the question. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I like both styles. It doesn’t matter to me.

None I use joystick only

6 of course

Who cares? Someone already said this, but as long as the game works fine with how many buttons it has, it shouldn’t matter how many buttons you use, since all of them should be useful. I love VF and it only uses 3 buttons. SF works well with 6 while KOF orks well with 4…The only thing that can be a problem is the way these buttons are laid out. I’m not a big fan of the SC2 layout myself, but who cares about that game…BUT, just to stay on topic, I like the 6 button layout myself. Gives gives the player more options I guess, even though other games can live without…

Thing is, games like KOF and VF probably have about the same number of normals as SF, just you have to get them in different ways than by just hitting a button.

I used to ignore light attacks, then after playing snk I ignored medium attacks. It’s annoying to use shoulder buttons, but I’m learning. I prefer 4/5

i like TMNT the arcade game, attack and jump.
but i think that is pretty complex in its own way.
you hit attack to attack and jump to jump,
but the beauty comes when you press the two and you do a special attack.
wow!! so much depth, to this day the game stands unmastered by all but a few chosen at birth!!