Fighting Games for Wii

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i’m a Wii owner, and I was considering buying a PS3 solely for my love of fighting games, but decided not to because I need to save for college. So, my question is, what REAL fighters exist out there for Wii? I know there are lots of Street Fighter 2s on the Virtual Console (and no SUPER SF2s), and I already own Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom. Are there any underground games that I should know about? (I know GGXX AC) Are there cool titles coming out in the near future? Am I simply screwed? Thanks in advance.

tl;dr version: what fighters should I buy for the Wii that I don’t already know about?

Uh, well… There’s that “Twinkle Queen” thing coming up, there’s a thread here in FGD somewhere… :rofl:
Castlevania Judgment was kinda fun, and a reboot Toshinden that looks kinda bad/generic is in the making, but they are both roaming/8-way-run sort of games.

There’s a tiny chance that whatever Cap is announcing at comicon might have a Wii port I guess… I wouldn’t count on it though.

Yup. Sort of what I expected. Thaaaaaat’s depressing.

Nope thats pretty much the noticible ones. Try looking for more Virtua Console stuff there’s a ton of stuff from SNK there.

You could get KOF Orochi Saga, that comes with KOF '94 through to '98.

It doesn’t have online, and not all the emulations are perfect, but it’s not a bad compilation to play for fun, or if you have some friends to play against. It’s also got a challenge mode and unlockable music/art but that won’t last you too long. If you can find it for a good price it’s worth picking up IMO.

Along with the KoF Orochi Anthology, you can also get the Samurai Shodown Anthology And the SNK Arcade Anthology (which has Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting 94, Samurai Shodown, World Heroes and King of the Monsters). There are also several NeoGeo games on the Virtual Console. The Wii is a good console for SNK fans.

Alright, cool, thanks for the help guys. I’ll probably hunt for the Orochi Anthology next time i’m at gamestop, and I should probably get GGXX AC too. I just really want to use my Wii fighting stick for more than just TvC and SFII Turbo

smash and naruto

(you shoulda got a ps3)

lol @ smash. I don’t like naruto as a series, but i guess the games are pretty legit. Yeah, I know, a PS3 would be wise. I may just sell a bunch of shit and get one anyways.

I 2nd Sam Sho Anthology, its pretty good

Tatsunoko is pretty much the only real fighting game the Wii has right now, and even that is either dying or already dead in terms of its competitive scene. I ain’t heard shit about it these past few months.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom
Samurai Shodown Anthology
Kamen Rider Climax Heroes W

theres also Fighters History Dynamite: Karnov’s Revenge that released for the wii so if you have a hacked wii DL and play it

Evo TvC finals were really hype… it’s still going somewhat strong, a lot of people are attempting to set up tournies after Evo all around the States, too. But that’s not the point.

So no one recommends Guilty Gear then? I think I’ll go pick up Samurai Shodown Anthology today then instead.

No one said Guilty Gear because in your OP you said you already knew about it. Dude, get Guilty Gear XX: AC Plus. Best damn game you’ll ever play.

Alright sweet I’ll check it out. Yeah I know, but I also said that I actively played TvC and everyone still recommended that. Lol. Anyways, I got SS Anthology and it looks hella fun already, but I guess I’ll get GGXX:AC as well and be set for the Wii. Thanks, all. If there is more discussion on future games or underground games, please everyone still discuss 'em here.

Funny fact: This is gonna be the second best “exclusive” fighting game for Wii, lulz.

Stupid Twinkle Queen…
is that even coming to America?

also Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, if you can stand the fact all special moves use meter (Hakumen style?) and all but one can be done once per round