Fighting Games for Xbox 360

Hey Guys,
I was wondering if any of you can know of some good fighting games for the xbox 360 other than street fighter, blazeblue, or tekken.

Other than Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix on live, I dont know.

There is Battle Fantasia but nobody play it anyway…

plays it would make more sense, but yes no one does, which is kinda sad because I enjoyed the time with it.

Virtua Fighter 5, Garou: MOTW, King of Fighters '98 UM, King of Fighters '02 UM, NGBC, SamSho II, Fatal Fury Special, GGXX something, and a few others are on there, if you just kinda you know…search.

I thought HDR was dead online. The KOF UM’s have terrible netcode. As does Garou. Neo Geo Battle Colosseum has good netcode, don’t know how active players are online though. Pretty cool tag fighter too.

Little known fact: You can actually play these games offline.

Unless your connection is complete ass the Netcode on the SNK games can be reasonable, although NGBC and Garou take the cake in that. NGBC needs more players, that game is just insanely fun.

Thanks forall the help. I’m going to get neogeo BC.

Dead or Alive 4. Although since it came out in 2005 there isn’t that much people online anymore.

Well let’s see. There’s me, another SNK player who’s really good, one other guy who’s decent, and a lousy achievement whore who plays sword/blade characters.

If you’re looking for comp in that game I wouldn’t recommend it, but damn, if that isn’t the most enjoyable fighting game on XBL…