Fighting Games in 10 yrs


Where do you think fighting games will be in 10 years? Will we ever see SF4?

At this rate, it almost seem as if fighting game will die off IMO.


Fighting games? What are those?


Ms. Cleo…is that you?


Better netplay for starters.

Poporu has an awesome netcode. If that program can pull off me playing with koreans and still have it be very very playable[still better than kailera]then I don’t understand why there is lag on say xboxlive…


kof neowave and samsho5 make it possible to play the japanese with little or no lag. besides that, its not xbl thats the problem, its developers that code the netplay badly.


fighting games are already gone just like how disco died after the 1970s


i think all be playing some Fighting game by Capcom!

i hope theres a SF4 even if there is no an SF4 at least i hope they make a new fighter game! with brand new characters ad stories or just make a fighting from a comic like JoJo’s bizarre adventure(it was such a fun game)
or Hokuto no Ken. i just hope they make a New fighting game that has good competition! so i can be playing until im 80 years old!


We’re still going to be playing the same games ten years down the road.

…believe it.


I swore I just saw one of these threads, instead it was 15 years… God damnit I’m going nuts.


King of Fighters comes to mind. and at this rate something by Arc system.


Hard to believe how old 3rd Strike is…
We’ll probably be seeing less original games and more crossover games


I was going to say, at this rate, it seems like everyone will still be stuck on Third Strike. You know, I’d settle for a fourth Street Fighter Three, at this point.

With any luck, King of Fighters will still be going. With a lot of luck, I suppose.


Not for nothing, but all this talk about SF being played 10 years from now just makes the scene sound like there IS no hope for any fighters. There’s VF, Tekken, Arcana Heart, Guilty Gear, SNK fighters, and Melty Blood.

Some of you need to stop acting like fighting games are gonna die. There’s still a good mix of stuff coming out. The question is: How devoted are you to make this scene prosper a lot more by actually going out and getting these games and actually playing them?


I get and play them, but the genre is less alive here then in the US. VF and 2d get almost no play, most Tekken and SC are casual players. We have one arcade in the country with Tekken Tag as their newest game I think.



Just give me a “Championship Version” with Balrog, Vega, Sagat, and Bison and I’d be cool with THAT. Throw in a couple more SFII guys (Cammy would be dope and some Guile action would be nice…Remy’s just too gay) and I would be HAPPY to settle for that from Capcom for the next 7-8 years.


If Capcom wasn’t going to do anything else, (and basically be lazy and not do a new SF game) I’d be happy with a 2I-3S crossover game. That would be interesting.


I’ll be playing the fourth Super Smash Bros game. ~_~ assuming the series doesnt go down hill before then.


Just my opinion,If capcom dont make another vs fighter game,then I just don’t see marvel or cvs2 being played in 10 years.

3s I can see it going for 3 to 4 more years.MAYBE.Japan is a differ story.

GG always has manner updates,so sad to say yeah I can see that happen in 10 years.

I think Tekken will be played also in 10 years,cuz of manner updates.

I also think some random anime game like meatly blood being released and played in 10 years also.

Anyways I picture it this way,people that grew up playing SF knows dedication is the only way to hang with competitave play.This new generation dont know the value of real training and guts to devote themselves into SF.So they going to run over to games such as Super Smash Bros or Soul Calibur or some FPS for a easirer way to call themseleves good.


yesss :lovin:


You know I really enjoyed your post up until this point. Super Smash Brother Melee is not a game were its easy to go into and call yourself good. It takes tons of dedication to hang with competitive play. Its not something that comes easy. Ive been at it for a year now, training against people, practicing and comboing up with combos and working hard on making it so I can perform them effectively. I look up frame data to figure out tactics I can use and have a better understanding of the game as a whole. I find as much advice that I can and work on my mistakes trying to perfect my game. Now a year might not sound like very long, and it isnt. Even through a year of training, studying, and being very dedicated to the game I still am nowhere near being very good but of coarse that normal for any high level competitive play. Please for in the future, do not list Super Smash Brothers as a series that is easy to get good at, do not say that it is a game that doesnt take much dedication. It takes a lot of it. Lots of practice, lots of studying, lots of time. I put alot into this game and I go all out with it. SSB is still as a evolving game though, new tactics and strategies being discovered are normal in Melee, and the competitive scene is always getting stronger and more intense and its very difficult to keep up with, takes alot of dedication. I would really like if you would stop putting down my game and the time that I have put into it to become decent at it.

I feel there are enough people who put lots of dedication into SSB to make it live for along time as long as Nintendo keeps delivering the deep gameplay seen in Melee. In the end the survival of the competitive series will depend mainly on how well the game is produced. If the community is unable to abuse the system to make intense high level play then the competitive part of the series will die. I hope Brawl delivers gameplay that can be at as high of a level as Melee was, if not even higher so the community will have lots of room to grow.