Fighting Games in CUNY

Anyone play fighting games in the CUNY system?

i do i go to city college atm, but before that i played alot at lagcc when i used to go there we all kinda just met up and started a gamers clubs, where we played a bunch of fightings games such as 3s,cvs2,tekken5,mvc2,and ggac. some pretty good fighters there and we also chill outside of school head to ctf or just mess around someones house to play. my friend is the president of the club currently if your interest send me a PM and i ll give more details =) because i still go there to hang out more people are always welcome

LOl I actually know you sir… what luck

There was a CVs2 tournament at Citytech in Brookyln

Justin WOng came and conquered and took home a nice stick :amazed:

COngrats Justin… anyways

anyone else play in CUNY

Not in CUNY but I think all the colleges should work something out together and we should all keep the scene alive.

I agree with Elder god, I’ve been for some people to play other than my friend. I’m not too good since I’ve only been playing seriously a year, but I really want to get better.

I’m from the CUNY system of BMCC. Sadly I seen some post from our bulletins that some tournaments were up. Just bad timing for me. Probably go to one when I do have the time.

These are the games I play.

Arcana Hearts 2
CvS 2
King of Fighter series(hardcore fan alert)

Umm~ I’m Treasurer of the Hunter Fighting Games Association at Hunter College ^^ My friend’s the President and we actually just started the club this past Spring semester!

We’ve already held tournaments for Naruto, Third Strike and Smash when Brawl first came out~

We meet on Wednesdays from 1 to 5 PM, if anyone’s interested ;] Shoot me a PM or something for further directions? <3

New York College Fighting Game Alliance?

Is it available for all CUNY students? Just let me know and I’ll check it out. Yeah I play Naruto too I play mostly the japanese versions. Waaaay better than the americanized ones. Brawl I play too and third strike as well but hardly on Arcades. Kinda rough now if I started playing.

Edit: Also if you have a source of anything just send it to me by e-mail too. here it is:

I’m in class right now haha so I can’t give you all the details…

But yes CUNY students are welcome! The president of the City Tech fighting game club (I’m pretty sure it was the Prez) came to a couple of meetings ^^

I’ll be sure to put you on our mailing list though! salute

I hope you answer that question from what I said in the chinatown nyc topic. Thank you for sharing the info. I’ll try to make it to some tournaments sometime. Just have a final exam this week for math. Easy as chocolate cake…:tup:

Yeah, Hunter’s a part of that. Haven’t done anything too big yet, cuz we’re just starting out but we might have something fairly big planned out for the fall.

Hmmm, really. Well let the CUNY students that loves fighting games know I have my e-mail up on the last post. You could easily contact me from there. Until then I’m at times at CF so I’ll let you guys know and just ask around of my SRK name.

**I know how to get to Hunter College. The question is since you started this Spring for a Games Association, how long will your semester last?

The reason why I ask is should your semester finish this week, I was hoping if you would be able to join somewhere else with other colleagues for some casual/tournament events down the line before Fall.

If necessary, I won’t mind playing you guys and make new friends.


Well as long that you guys leave some update on the tourneys then I’m set. I don’t mind meeting new people as well. Well I hope the big plan for your club on fall comes into play with something good. Until then, It’s worth waiting.

Fill me in via pm on any events you guys will hold. YEAHUUHH.

I go to BMCC aswell. What club plays fighting games?

O_o … I see. I only play fighting games at my friends house and at CF. I know that BMCC doesn’t have a video game club so that is most obvious. The only thing I see mostly is the flyer’s around the boards that has the video game tournaments but in a different CUNY branch like Brooklyn Tech and Hunter College points. Besides that I try to hunt some tournaments so I could put it on my resume for a gaming career also conventions.