Fighting Games in Ireland


Haha, that’s the way it goes. If I’m ever in china, I’ll make sure to look you lot up…

Anyway: **Blazblue **

Wheel of Hype 5 has been anounced 12th feb @ the xgc

More details here


So News and results time

Inferno 16: SSFIV singles tournament: Feb 5th 2011

Video playlist: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Results: highlight to view

1st ? Cobelcog
2nd ? Hound
3rd ? Blag
4th ? Doctor DooM

5th ? Stevo Kenevo
5th ? DarkTalant

7th ? Ian McTetly
7th ? A-Trak

9th ? Speedboat
9th ? Kirby
9th ? Doyler
9th ? D4RK ONION

13th ? Cloudrunner
13th ? Dreddybajs
13th ? Owwmykneecap
13th ? Graeme

Wheel of Hype 5: Blazblue CS singles tournament: Feb 12th 2011

Here is the Video Playlist: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

And here are the Results: highlight to view.

3.Scavenger XIII

Upcoming events:

Feburary 2011

**Feb 18th **Marvel versus Capcom 3 Launch event: Friday Feb 18th 2011, Nightmaker Studios, Swords, Dublin, Ireland

**Feb 19th **Glacial SSFIV League final Session: Feb 19th 2011 MovieDrome, Limerick city, Limerick, Ireland.

**Feb 26th **King of Irish Fist: Tekken 6 Tournament: Sat Feb 26th 2011 Xgc Lower Liffey Street Dublin Ireland.

March 2011

**Mar 5th **Inferno 17: Super Street fighter IV Tournament March 5th 2011 Dublin, Ireland

**Mar 26th **Tempest 2: SSFIV Tournament: March 26th 2011: NewPort Cafe Bar, Paul St, Cork City, Cork, Ireland


Inferno 18 finished up on Saturday and was the last ever big Super Street Fighter event in Ireland.

Fear not AE is coming and a very special competition is going to take place, on june 18th the winner will receive flights and entry to EVO '11 in Las Vegas.

Until then enjoy the grand final Azza (M. Bison) vs Stev0knev0 (E. Honda)
and the full playlist of vids here.

Full Results; highlight to view.

1st - Azza

2nd - Stev0

3rd - Cobelcog

4th - DooM

5th - Hound
5th - Bush

7th - Ladnopoka
7th - Kirby

9th - Onion
9th - Orim
9th - AJ
9th - Dreddy

13th - Chopper
13th - Phil
13th - Jonathon
13th - Owwmykneecap

More Info soon, keep it locked on Street Fighter Ireland | Home


This thread seems to have died a bit and the facebook page hasnt been updated in months, is there anyone still active in fighting game scene in Ireland? I’ve been playing Mortal Kombat a lot since it came out and I’m looking for people to play against…


Very active, my friend, in fact there is a tournament in 2 weeks (june 18th) where you will have the chance to win return flights to and entry into EVO in LAS VEGAS!

I do try to keep the myriad of threads i manage updates but sometimes it feels like im talking to myslef, Glad to know I’m Not! The quickest way to get a response is always to PM me, as I will get an email notifcation.

For more information about the tournament mentioned above please visit:


Cool thanks, I found the page to be the most active anyways


irish player here =]


Quick update:

Our Website is:, we will soon be relaunching as
Our site is updated many times daily with all the local and international news you could handle

For the foreseeable future either link will bring you to the correct up to date website.

Our twitter is:!/RandomSelect_IE

Our Facebook page is:

Please follow and like us, it’s the easist way to stay up to date.

Now for news of Competitions:


Sunday 11th Sept: Inferno XIX - Dublin
Saturday 17th Sept: Day of Champions 4 - Dublin
Saturday 24 Sept: Tempest 7 - Cork


Saturday 29th October: Clash X Counter 3 - Belfast


Man, there’s a lot of memories on this thread…

snd the next Inferno is Saturday week, still going strong.


I’m in Cork and I’d really love to play some matches local. Is there anyone in the county who’d be willing to meet up and play a few rounds?


There’s fairly regular tournaments in Cork called Tempest (there’s a running joke in Ireland with all our tournaments being named after elements, like the Captain Planet of fighting games).

You should check out the boards forum if you want to find Corkonians to play with:


You’re a saint for pointing me to this. Thanks, Doc!


No problem, if you get involved in Irish fighting games you won’t be long before you encounter me anyways :slight_smile:


Running a stream tonight of a drunken casuals session in Dublin. Enjoy yall!


Hey guys I’m staying in Dublin for a three weeks, any chance I can go somewhere to play some matches? What are the best times?


You should start a thread here:

There’s a gaming centre we meet up in once or twice a week called the XGC, on Liffey St. You’ll see threads in that forum popping up a day or two in advance but if you mention you’re passing through people will probably make an effort to head in to say hi. If you’re around til the weekend of Nov the 9th there’s a couple tournaments being played in a convention called Eirtakon.

What games you play?


Thanks, I’ll be in Dublin until the 3rd of november. I’ll probably go this saturday.
I play SC, ssf4 and 3rd strike, skullgirls and vf,I know how to play mainly SC and a bit of the others, but I’d love to play anything.


hey guys. so, i’m from america, planning to visit some friends that live in dublin now sometime early next year, and was just wondering how the marvel scene is up there. i do play ae, somewhat, but main focus is marvel. really interested in how the rest of the world plays since i don’t do much travel. glad to see there is some type of fighting scene, so i own’t feel too out of place. and you guys seem like a cool bunch. also, are there any big tournaments/events that happen near you guys around july time?


damn this thread is dead as shit. I’m moving to Dublin Sept 22nd if anyone plays 3rd :confused:


Super Turbo Arcade Board now at Wigwam, 54 Abbey Street Dublin. Weekly, Wednesday Nights from 6pm.