Fighting Games made by well known FGC celebs?

well, this is my first time making a thread so uh, pray for me.

Now, I’ve really gotten into fighting games this year and the gateway drug for me was SkullGirls, a game that you all obviously know was made by mike z. I dug up some info on the game and learned that mike z has played in tournaments and stuff. I thought it was interesting on how mike z really wanted to make a game that not only payed homage to MVC2, but gave each character tools to go against others.The introduction of the anti-infinite system was what really hooked me in. For people like me, who hated getting caught in a infinite, this feature convinced me to go get the game.

there was also this other game I heard of called Weaponlord, which pretty much introduced features used in fighters today like “thrust blocks” and clashes. I also recently learned that this was one of the first fighting games to be played online, which really got me interested on how this was done. The game was made by James Goddard, who played in tournaments and created the character Dee Jay from Street Fighter.

Those 2 games had me thinking if there were any more tournament players who made a fighting game or had a hand in making one.
Does anyone here know any games like that? I wanna get my hands on them and stuff. They don’t even have to be super famous games.

Goddard also helped to make HF. It was basically Capcom’s approval to make a hacked version of the original SF2s, so they let Capcom USA make HF while Capcom JP made Super SF2.

David Sirlin made HDR, and he was previously a well-known tourney player who placed top10 in a variety of tournaments. He was mostly known for his annoying Rose play in A2, and his Dictator in ST.

S-Kill helped make Playstation All-Stars as far as I know.

Divekick should count, too. :lol:

While not a fighting game, Omni (Derek Daniels, an old admin on this site), helped make God of War.


Just to let you know that most FGs have top players involved in the development in some way. Most of them you never hear about because development teams are composed of hundreds of hardworking individuals. So don’t let THAT be the reason that makes you pick one fighting game over the other. If something looks interesting, try it regardless of the names behind it.


Oh, dont worry man, I don’t play a fighting just because of who’s involved. I forgot to add in the OP that I wanted to look for more because of how they bring in a pretty cool idea and it’s nice to see how a pro player would make a fighting game.

Bas helped develop CvS2…

Just sayin…
He’s a fucking MONSTER in CvS2, no surprise there.

I know that many Japanese players have input on different levels on some games.

Unless in very rare cases, good players don’t make good designers. It’s a good designer’s job to understand what the top player is doing better than the top player himself.

He was a tester and hid paint the fence combo.

Nuki was a tester before D44 but he didn’t hide anything from the dev team like D44 did. That’s probably the reason you don’t hear about him A3.

That… Dick.

I stand corrected.