Fighting games on PS3 or 360?

I have never, aside from some friendly SSB, played a fighting game competitively. I do own SF4, BlazBlue CT, and a couple of XBLA games on my 360, which I never ended up playing because of the D-pad. I am planning on purchasing a PS3 in the coming months and have a few questions about fighters that I really just cannot find a good answer for.

I know that SSF4 is played in EVO Tournaments on the PS3. I believe that this is just because EVO is sponsored by Sony. I remember reading that SF4 looks better on the 360 and runs about 1 FPS faster during some sequences. I am not sure how BlazBlue CS holds up on each system, but my guess is that there is not much of a difference.

I do not own a FightStick but plan on buying one (possibly the SSF4 TE) once I figure out which system has a more competitive audience online and would pay off practicing on in the long run. Since I do not yet own SSF4 or BlazBlue CS, the system I end up choosing does not really matter. Also, let it be known that I am aware of the fact that PS3 D-pads are superior to the 360’s D-pad, but again, this matters not since I am planning on buying a FightStick anyway.

The main games that I would be playing are SSF4, BBCS, and MvC3. I may also spend some time on Tekken 6, VF5, SC4, or XBL/PSN downloadable games like SSF2THDR or MvC2, but my final decision will revolve around the knowledge I gain from SSF4, BBCS and the unknown as of yet MvC3.

Also, I am looking for advice from someone that knows what he/she is talking about. No fanboyism will be tolerated here since I am, for the most part, a completely neutral gamer when it comes to consoles.

If you guys can assist me in choosing which console, as I will have access to both, would be wise to invest 200+ dollars into (FightStick and games), I will be reassured of how great the community is in helping a ‘n00b’ like me choose the favorable console. Again, trolling, fanboyism, and flaming will be frowned upon.

tl;dr version! —> go away :wink:

I own both systems. I think XBOX live has a higher frequency of good players, meaning you’ll play random people with higher skill levels more often. Also better connection (be honest!). But you got to pay for XBOX live. BUT! PS3 gots PS HOME! Meaning you can sport cool Street Fighter gear on your avatar while running around trolling/cybering/wasting time etc. I’D go with PS3!

SSF4, Tekken and Blazblue all have sold more on PS3 so I would say get PS3 since it appears to be the fighting game console of choice although it’s not like it doesn’t exist on one as it’s highly popular on both. Although i don’t think BB and Tekken are nearly as popular on 360 like they are on PS3.

I don’t know what XBL is like for fighters since I got E74 last year but it’s obviously the same ratio of scrubs vs core fighting game players.

Yo man if you don’t have both systems, just saying though, you don’t know :wink: XBL has higher level play on all fighting games he’s mentioning. Random though. Meaning if you want to play random people instead of the good peeps that should be on your friends list. If you got some good people to play with you’ll rarely be in ranked mode playing randoms, so it wouldn’t matter what console.

Then the next thing to take into consideration is lag. But then again, most people you play from your friend list will be people with good connections.

Maybe also consider what tourneys run on PS3 compared to XBOX. It’s pretty even. So you are going to need a pad/ stick dual mod etc for both if you want to get involved in tourney stuff regardless.

It all comes down to this: PS HOME RUNNING AROUND WITH STREET FIGHTER GEAR ON is hella fun.

They do that cuz it’s fuckin’ lame to have to risk a huge event forfeit due to rrod. They just use the more reliable system.

Personally I play ps3 for fighting games since I use pad and I’m too cheap to pay for xbox live. Games like tekken and bb are played on the ps3 more. If you want to dish out $50 for live it’s the way to go cause more people are online. I own both system and just play fps on 360.

SSF4 - PS3
BlazBlue - 360
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - 360

Will you please elaborate?

Actually they use the PS3 because the EVO team had bought a bunch of PS3s when Tekken 5: DR came out and that game wasn’t released on the 360. Essentially, the EVO team didn’t want to shell out more money for SSF4 on a different console. I can’t blame 'em. Shit is expensive, especially on the scale EVO 2k10 was.

And Mr. Wiz already said the 1 frame difference is negligible, so either players suck it up, or go fuck themselves and not participate in SSF4 at Evo.

  1. I own both and the PS3 sucks for SSF4 and HDR. The online is simply better on Xbox. But hey, Evo uses PS3, so it’s nice to practice up on that before it goes down. If you only own one system then obviously just be happy with playing on that system.

I prefer the PS3 (although I have both). However, take into consideration that from my knowledge, gathered from going to a few tournaments, loads of players are on XBox. A deciding factor for a lot of people is the control pad, as the 360 controller is USELESS for fighting games, but if you want to play fighters seriously, I suggest you invest in an arcade stick. Hori arcade sticks are relatively cheap these days. One other note, Virtua Fighter is NOT playable online on the PS3 (that may or may not interest you).

360 has better online connection-wise, but a generally MUCH more immature audience.

Outside of that, the differences between the two systems are COMPLETELY negligible. 1 frame will only make a difference on 1 frame links and even then it’s not a constant 1 frame difference so chances are it won’t make shit difference.

Tournaments use a variation of both 360 and PS3 depending on what they have access to. There is no preferred system.

I’d say get whatever your friends/local scene plays on, so you have people to play with offline. For tournaments it doesn’t make shit difference which one you use, so it’s important to get whichever one you can get more offline practice with.